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Adapted from: © Letts, L., Wilkins, S., Law, M., Stewart, D., Bosch, J., & Westmorland, M., 2007 McMaster University Critical Review Form – Qualitative Studies Purpose of the study Was the purpose and/or research question stated clearly? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no  Outline the purpose of the study and/or research question. Describe the justification of the need for this study. Was it clear and compelling?  Study design What was the design? 􀁻 phenomenology 􀁻 ethnography 􀁻 grounded theory 􀁻 participatory action research 􀁻 other   Method(s) used: 􀁻 participant observation 􀁻 interviews 􀁻 document review 􀁻 focus groups 􀁻 otherDescribe the method(s) used to answer the research question. Are the methods congruent with the philosophical underpinnings and purpose?  Sampling: Was the process of purposeful selection described? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no Was the sampling method appropriate to the study purpose or research question? Was sampling done until redundancy in data was reached?2 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed Are the participants described in adequate detail?  Describe sampling methods used. How is the sample applicable to your practice or research question?Data Collection: Descriptive Clarity Clear & complete description of site: 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no participants: 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no Role of researcher & relationship with participants: 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no Identification of assumptions and biases of researcher: 􀁻 yes 􀁻 noDescribe the context of the study. Was it sufficient for understanding of the “whole” picture? What was missing and how does that influence your understanding of the research?  Procedural Rigour Procedural rigor was used in data collection strategies? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed                                                               Do the researchers provide adequate information about data collection procedures e.g., gaining access to the site, field notes, training data gatherers? Describe any flexibility in the design & data collection methods.  Data analyses: Analytical Rigour Data analyses were inductive? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed Findings were consistent with & reflective of data? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no  Describe method(s) of data analysis. Were the methods appropriate? What were the findings?  Auditability Decision trail developed? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed Process of analyzing the data was described adequately? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed  Describe the decisions of the researcher re: transformation of data to codes/themes. Outline the rationale given for development of themes.  Theoretical Connections Did a meaningful picture of the phenomenon under study emerge? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no  How were concepts under study clarified & refined, and relationships made clear? Describe any conceptual frameworks that emerged.  Ethical considerations eg Was informed consent obtained? 􀁻 yes 􀁻 no 􀁻 not addressed  What were the ethical issues which the researchers should have considered while carrying out this study? ______________________


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