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DescriptionFinal Project: Draft Application  (24 marks, 5%)  Introduction  In your draft application chapter you will apply your argument to a  practical context. Given the argument you made in Chapter Two,  how would you go about solving a real-world problem?  Instructions  1. Complete your draft application chapter by applying your  argument to a practical setting. You are required to:  a. Choose a practical setting where your argument has  important significance,  b. Explain the practical setting of the application in detail,  c. Relate the application to your argument,  d. Make connections between your literature review and  your application chapters  e. Identify places where you need introductions and  summaries and adding them. Rubric  Criteria  Choosing a  practical  setting where  your claim  has  important  significance  The practical  setting is not  really  appropriate as  it is only  tangentially  connected to  the claim.  (1 mark)  The practical  setting is  minimally  appropriate as  and only  partially  connected to  the claim. (2  marks)  The practical  setting is  mostly  appropriate as  an example of  the application  of the claim.  (3 marks)  The practical  setting is  highly  appropriate as  an example of  the application  of the claim.  (4 marks)  Description  of the  Application  The  description of  the application  is clear and  detailed  (2 marks)  The  description of  the application  is somewhat  clear and  detailed  (4 marks)  The  description of  the application  is mostly clear  and detailed.  (6 marks)  The  description of  the application  is clear and  detailed.  (8 marks) Relating the  application to  your  argument  The writing  rarely stays  connected to  the argument  (1 mark)  The  application is  somewhat  connected to  the argument  (2 marks)  The  application is  clearly related  to the  argument  (3 marks)  The  application is  deeply  connected to  the argument  (4 marks)


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