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ECE-103L Lab Assignment 2 AuthorDr. Saeed Qaisar–Assistant Professor, ECE DepartmentSQDate 08/02/2021Verified byName – Saeed QaisarSQDateStudentName – Wafa AlharbiID S20106488Date 08.02.2021 Lab Assignment conduct procedure Please precisely complete and illustrate the assigned task. If required then please join extra A4 sheets.Enter your name and Effat University ID and Date on first page.Submit your assignment via Black Board link.The Emailed assignment submission is not preferred. However, it is still acceptable.The assignment conduct duration is between 14h00 to 16h30 on 8th of Febryary 2021.The submission deadline is 8th of February 2021 at 16h30.In case of queries please contact me [email protected] Question 1: There are 5 students in an ECE class. Each student has taken a test, and each test is worth 100 points. Please design and write C++ code of an algorithm to calculate and display the average grade for the class. It also displays names and corresponding grade of each student on separate lines. Keep your code commented for clarity of reading. Names and grades of students are given below. Jood obtains 95 points.Kulsoom obtains 88 points.Noora obtains 75 points.Wafa obtains 68 points.Ranna obtains 71 points. Solution: #include using namespace std; int main() { int Jood = 95; int Kulsoom = 88; int Noora = 75; int Wafa = 68; int Ranna = 71; float Sum; Sum = Jood+ Kulsoom+ Noora+ Wafa+ Ranna; float Average; cout


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