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E: themarcelo’[email protected] MARCELO JR TUMIBAY MARCELO’S FISH AND CHIPS 101 SAMANTHA ROAD JERVIS BAY NSW 2540 ABN: 89 167 523 444 T:03 0 9077 0387 MARCELO’S FISH AND CHIPS Financial Plan Prepared: 3 MARCH 2021 Contents Financial Plan Summary The Business The Market The Future The Finances Operations The Finances Key objectives & financial review Assumptions Start-up costs for [YEAR] Balance sheet forecast Profit and loss forecast Expected cash flow Break-even analysis Business Summary What is it? There are few things more tempting than the smell of fish and chips. And it can be little coincidence that rosy childhood memories of seaside holidays. Friday teatimes and late suppliers are more than often associated with the savoury threat. So the idea of owning your own fish and chips shop will probably seem like a similarly alluring prospect. The Business Business name: MARCELO’S FISH AND CHIPS Business structure: Self-employed ABN: : 89 167 523 444 Business location: 101 SAMANTHA ROAD JERVIS BAY NSW 2540 Date established: 7 November 2020 Business owner(s): Marcelo Jr Tumibay Relevant owner experience: Diploma for hospitality,certificate III and IV Products/services: Fish and Chips The Market Target market: Locals and Tourist [Who are you selling to? We make sure that the satisfaction of the customers are we always meet. Marketing strategy: A good location is important for the business so we ensure that we are locating in the big shop that can be convenient our customers. The Future Vision statement: At MARCELO’S FISH AND CHIPS we are committed to offering our customers the very best fish and chips possible in clean and friendly environment. We are also very conscious of our impact on the environment. We source all our ingredients and materials locally. Goals/objectives: Our goals is to provide excellent customers service and our objectives is to reduce customers wait time to five to ten minutes. Business premises Business location: Big shopping market Huskisson is going to be more convenient to our costumers with the 120 square meter inside and outside tables . Buy/lease: Limitations on occupancy,term of tenancy,repairs and maintenance and deposits and fees. Operations Suppliers To develop a good relationships to our suplliers we ensure that we talk to them regularly and with honesty,set up standardised ordering processes that both our parties can easily understand and follow. Supplier’s nameType of ContractGoods providedSebastian and SamFlexibleRaw materialsBill seafoods supplierFlexibleFresh fishMarianaFlexibleFresh vegetablesV & CFlexibleFrozen foods Plant & equipment EquipmentPurchase datePurchase priceRunning costComputer and printer20/03/2020$2100$20 a monthDiswashing machine20/05/2020$1100$30 a monthMicrowave oven20/06/2020$400$5 a monthFryers20/03/2020$3500$35 amonth Inventory [List your current inventory items in the table below. If you have a substantial inventory, you may prefer to attach a full inventory list to the back of this business plan.] Inventory itemUnit priceQuantity in stockTotal costflour$5.00kgFive kilograms$25.00Oil$3.5020 liters$70.00Boneless salmon$61 box 24 pcs.$144.00Barramundi$41 box 20 pcs.$80.00 Technology (Software): Accounting package Trading hours: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for the lunch and 5:00 pm to 7:00 is for the dinner Communication channels:By the telephone Payment types accepted: Cash and cards only Credit policy: Terms for a weekly payments for my suppliers Warranties & refunds: When something go wrong for the delivery call right away the suppliers and complain the bad stuff. Quality control: [Describe your quality control process. What checks or balances do you have in place to ensure the product or service you offer is produced to the same standard of quality? What steps do you take to meet product safety standards?] Memberships & affiliations: [Is your business a member of any particular industry association or club? Do you have any affiliations with any other organisation?] The Finances Key objectives & financial review Financial objectives [List your key financial objectives. These can be in the form of sales or profit targets. You could also list your main financial management goals such as cost reduction targets.] Finance required [How much money up-front do you need? Where will you obtain the funds? What portion will you be seeking from loans, investors, business partners, friends or relatives, venture capital or government funding? How much of your own money are you contributing towards the business?] Assumptions The financial tables on the subsequent pages are based on the assumptions listed below: [List your financial assumptions. These can include seasonal adjustments, drought or interest rates etc.] Copy and paste from last project. Start-up costs for [YEAR] [Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own start up costing sheet at the back of this business plan.] Balance sheet forecast [Double-click the table belowto enter your details or attach your own profit & loss sheet at the back of this business plan] Profit and loss forecast [Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own profit & loss sheet at the back of this business plan] Expected cash flow [Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own profit & loss sheet at the back of this business plan] Break-even analysis [Double-click the table below to enter your details or attach your own table. Refer to the Business Plan guide from for the calculations.]


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