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Description: There are several issues and challenges associated with migrating applications to cloud platforms in real world. If you need to consider a platform, you might need to study and evaluate many existing options, so, that, you select the relevant one according to specific needs and requirements. The goal of this hands-on assignment is to search and explore a cloud platform. (Platforms below will be annually updated) http://www.openstack.org [OPENSTACK] http://www.eucalyptus.com [EUCALYPTUS] https://www.onecloud.io/ [ONE CLOUD] http://www.owncloud.org [OWNCLOUD] http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud [UBUNTU CLOUD] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_SIG [FEDORA CLOUD] https://azure.microsoft.com/en-­‐us [AZURE] https://www.hpcloud.com [HP] http://pivotal.io [PIVOTAL] http://www.ibm.com/cloud-­‐computing/bluemix [BLUEMIX] Deliverable: Each student is expected to select two of the above-mentioned cloud platforms and prepare a report (1500-2000 words, not exceeding 10 pages), Your report should be typed using times new roman font size 12. It will be graded according to presentation layout, clearance and use of language, content and organization, and depth of technical knowledge. Please consult the rubric for details. • Introduction about the platforms. • Strengths and weakness of the platforms. • Management guidelines for moving from non-cloud to cloud-based systems per platform. • Procedures to configure the platforms. • Conclusions with lessons learned. • References and resources.


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