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Task 1 – Operational Plan Development This assessment task requires development of an operation plan for a business you have access to or for a simulated business. How to prepare the operational plan? The operational plan details how the organization will accomplish the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the strategic plan. It includes the actions to be undertaken in line with them strategic plan objectives, who are responsible for carrying out these actions, and the time frames, costs and key performance indicators associated with these actions. The operational plan should apply to the life of the strategic plan, but should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure sufficient progress is being made towards achieving the objectives and so priorities can be revised as necessary. The operational plan must include each of the elements stated below: Business introduction and operation, service or project Executive Summary (overview of the operational plan) Business strategies/ objectives Actions (key actions or component that you need to address with your operational plan so you will succeed with your planning. Think about resources planning, HR planning, quality, safety…Plan physical resources effectively and efficiently. –>  obj: increase production capacity by 50% end 2021 Operational plan objectives (SMART) from you action above define objectives that are related to each action, you need  to specify quantity and when you want the objective to be accomplished Action: Plan physical resources effectively and efficiently. –>  obj: increase production capacity by 50% end 2021 KPI are your objective represented proportionally into small time frames: 50%/10 months = increase production 5% per month Consultation strategies, Prioritizing actions Stakeholders (who)Role in the consultationPriority level, engagement levelConsultation method                EmployeesSuggestions for improvementLow /high?  Process planning (steps of your operation) check power point, provide sequence of your operation steps/tasks Production planning (number of services or units a day. Please provide formula and calculations) Average sales forecast per month             = $ 25,200.00 Price per unit                                                     = $ 15.00 Number of output per month     = $ forecast per month/ $ Price per unit= Decide on number of working days per month:  24 days, 30? The amount of output to be produced per day is: number of outputs per month/ number of working days= units/ services per day Physical Resources needed Raw material needed for your operation of serviceQuantity per unitTotal quantity based on production * calculated aboveSafety quantityTotal quantityCost per unit/kg/Total cost                                           Total cost Raw material ( add all costs)  Equipment and machinery List of equipment needed Equipment needed and machineQuantity need per unitTotal quantity equipment needed based on daily productionExtra equipment/ machineryTotal quantityCost unitTotal cost                                    Total cost equipment + machinery  Calculation of the quantity                                                 Planned Rate of Production per day Total machinery needed=                                                                              x                                                      Machine Productive Time per day                                                 Operation hours – (Setting up time + Down Time) Standard Production Time / Unit   Recommendation and specifications to make physical resources more effective and efficient Human Resources needed Worker Standard Production Time/ unit                                                 Planned Rate of Production per day Total labor needed=                                                                                   x                                                            Worker Productive Time per day                                            Working hours per day – rest time or workers idling time Staff positionNo. of Staff RequiredNumber of hours / monthSalary/MonthTotal                Total cost HR  Provide some strategies about recruiting, inducting and developing personnel, acquiring physical resources and services to make them more effective and efficient   Licenses/ registrations needed protecting intellectual property Financial Resources (budget) needed Operating ExpensesMonthlyYearlyRaw material cost  Equipment cost  Labor Payrolls HR  Intellectual property  Licenses/ registrations/  Rent  Utilities  Insurance  Other expenses  Marketing  Total Operating Expenses   Forecast Total Sales Cost of goods to sold (Raw material cost) Gross profit (total sales- cost of goods to sold) Expenses (do not add again Raw material) Total profit /loss    Action Plan Key of successObjectiveResourcesProcedures / ActionsResponsibleTimeframeBudgetKPIWhat needs to be doneWhy we need to do itWhat needs to be done, previousHow we will do itWho will do itWhenHow much money is neededMeasure of control KPI                                 Monitoring process and measurement Monitored itemResponsibleFrequencyReferencing documents/ Resources                 Risk Management (required table) Identified risk descriptionPriorityMitigation strategy, prevention  Contingency strategyResponsibleTimeframe                         Communication Plan (use table or paragraph description) Stakeholder/ audienceKey interest and issuesMethod of communicationFrequency                 Review/ evaluation process Approvals needed Appendix (if any)        


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