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• There is one qualitative and one quantative nursing research article for you to critique. • You must complete both to pass your PD assignment. Using the McMaster research critique frameworks • Complete the appropriate McMaster critiquing framework for each of the two articles • Do not use any other framework for this assignment. • If handwritten, the framework must be legible. • The two frameworks must be included in your essay between the introduction and critical discussion. • Structure of PD2 assignment • Introduction • Quantitative Critique Framework • Qualitative Critique Framework • Critical Discussion and conclusion • Reference List • Introduction : Briefly consider evidence based practice and critical evaluation of practice. Identify the pair of articles used. • 2 Annotated Critique Frameworks • Main body : Use your McMaster frameworks to inform your writing. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of each of the two articles Are they reliable and relevant? Consider the different types of evidence provided by the two different research approaches Do the articles provide convincing evidence for practice? • Conclusion : Summarise what you have learnt from the module/writing this assignment Has this assisted you to read and evaluate research articles? Has your view on evidence based practice changed in any way? • Reference List


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