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ECE-103L Quiz#2 AuthorDr. Saeed Qaisar–Assistant Professor, ECE DepartmentSQDate 03/03/2021Verified byName –PositionSQDateApproved byName –PositionVisaDate Quiz conduct procedure Please download the Quiz, it is in MS word formatEnter your name and Effatuniversity ID and Date on the first page.Please precisely answer the asked questions.Submit your solution on BlackBoard by 09h30, 3rd of March 2021.The Quiz conduct time is between 08h00 to 09h30, 3rd of March 2021.Please note that copying solutions from other colleagues is not allowed. Any activity of plagiarism will result in deduction of marks. Q1. Design an algorithm which enquires the age of user and make following decisions. If the age is less than 16, it suggests that “You are still young and cannot drive alone.”If the age is equal to or greater than 17 and less than 65, it suggests that “You are mature and can drive alone.”If the age is greater than 65, it suggests that “You are a senior citizen and avoid solo driving.” Also write a C++ program to implement this algorithm. Keep your code commented for clarity of reading [2.0-Marks]. Soln.: #include using namespace std; int main() { int age; //variable coutage; // Read input from keyboard //condition statement person is mature to drive or not if(age


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