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Develop and record a short slide presentation with the following items:   Go to and find the economic stat******ics for your country. Identify the GDP per Capita for your country and discuss 2 economic trends that are happening in your country EG: Trends in housing, employment, etc. You can also find your country’s information at  In the OECD report, you can find information on your country’s fiscal and monetary policies. Summarize the fiscal and monetary policy action 2 to 3 bullet points  Identify the Gini Coefficient number and summarize the population trends in your country. You can find your country’s Gini Coefficient at  Video slide presentations will be narrated and be between 2- 3 minutes in length.  Remember: You MUST have in-text citation and a reference l****** in your presentation and you must paraphrase your findings.  You do not have to submit your presentation but all slides must be recorded in your video, including your L****** of References.


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