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SQL Assignment With reference to the given diagram, please perform the following: STEP 1: Design / Create a database with Files and File groups. Assume size is 100 MB per file for now. STEP 2: Design / Create Tables with appropriate columns, provide correct/relevant data types and keys. Include Schemas for ease of access (as and where needed).STEP 3: Define Relations between the tables (based on the arrow marks in the given schema)STEP 4: Insert some data in each table (minimum of 3 to 10 values in each table) based on the relations. This way you would easily verify the correctness of if the data type for each column. /**** PHASE 1 ****/ STEP 1: CREATE DATABASE WITH FILES & FILEGROUPSSTEP 2: CREATE SCHEMAS ON ABOVE DATABASESTEP 3: CREATE TABLES USING ABOVE SCHEMASSTEP 4: DEFINE RELATIONS USING ABOVE TABLES AND SCHEMASSTEP 5: ADD SAMPLE DATA INTO EACH TABLESTO VERIFY DATA TYPESTO VERIFY RELATIONS /**** PHASE 2 ****/ DEFINE DATASHEETALL TABLES WITH SCHEMAS AND DATA TYPES : GO INTO INTO SHEETTABLES WITH DATA AND POSSIBLE SAMPLE INSERTS: ANOTHER SHEET STEP 6: DEFINE ALL POSSIBLE QUERIES WITH JOINS [STORE IN VIEWS] ON DATABASE 45 SUCH COMIBINATIONS BASED ON GIVEN TABLE RELATION           TEST EVERY VIEW USING EXCEL ON LIVE SERVER:STEP 7: DEFINE SYNONYMS ON ALL TABLE AND POSSIBLE? THEN ON VIEWS ALSO /**** PHASE 3 ****/ STEP 8: PLAN FOR DATA INSERT INTO EACH TABLE CONSIDERING OTHER RELATED TABLES FOR             TRANSACTIONAL DATA OPERATIONS             EX: WHENEVER NEW BANK BRANCH IS INCLUDED, ITS ADDRESS, TYPE AND BANK          ASSOCIATIONS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSES  : SPs, TRIGGERS WITH JOINS AND TXNs STEP 9: PLAN FOR POSSIBEL COMPUTATIONS IN TRIDITIONAL BANKING SYSTEM


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