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TOPIC: Often times when we hear an opposing view, we assume that its source is evil or negative. This is especially true when the perspective is stereotypical or racist. My observation is that most bigots are not racist cognitively or intentionally and many times they are unaware of the stereotypes that they are applying to others. Often times, bigots have developed their beliefs via life experience. This essay challenges you to examine a situation from the bigot’s point of view. PROMPT: Your assignment is to present an argument that helps your reader to understand the perspective of an individual bigot or homogeneous group of bigots who oppose(s) interracial relationships, sex and/or marriage. You may choose a character or group from Jungle Fever. Note: if you choose a group it can’t be broad, it must be a group of characters or a character from the movie. You should think of this assignment as a reflection on how a bigot came to their belief. Your goal is not to pass judgment on your chosen bigot’s belief but rather to use your research to see how their point of view developed into a perspective. Your overall goal is to present a crisp, succinct perspective on a single moment in the life of the character(s) or group that you chose. Write as if you were an investigator and draw on your outside research to help us empathize with how the bigot(s) developed their perspective. You must analyze the bigoted view about interracial relationships. As examples, re-watch the scenes from Jungle Feveri at Paulie’s shop and Drew’s “war council” at Cyrus’ house. In both scenes, there is a homogenous group of people (same race and gender) discussing interracial relations. Both groups express an attraction for interracial sex at some point in the conversation (“curiosity”), yet both groups are strongly opposed to a deeper interracial relationship, such as marriage. ESSAY EXPECTATIONS: You must: • Introduce your chosen bigot in the first paragraph of your essay. • Express your chosen bigot’s belief. • Within your essay, please include facts that led your subject to his/her bigoted perspective. • Research to identify facts that you can use to develop and articulate your own perspective on the bigot that you are writing about. • Pull these facts from the movie/story AND from your outside research materials. • Help the reader to develop empathy towards your chosen bigot’s point of view by: – Researching the time period, major personalities and terms that define the cultural history of your chosen bigot. – Researching what type of forces create this type of bigotry towards interracial relationships. • Stay away from anecdote and personal beliefs (including those passed to you by your parents/mentors). • Remember to cite your sources every time. I’d prefer that you use Chicago Manual Style, but you can use MLA or APA. Note: Please see a librarian or SCAA to help you with citations. • In particular, be sure to use support from outside sources other than word-of mouth anecdotes. I challenge you to remove your beliefs from the body of the paper. • NOT write in FIRST PERSON, i.e. don’t use I, me or my. Note: Please share your worldview grounded in your sources cited for this essay. PAPER REQUIREMENTS: 1. Your paper should be no less than 3 full pages and no more than 4 pages 2. 12-point, Times New Roman font 3. Double spaced 4. Standard margins 5. Include page numbers 6. Include a cover sheet (see attached sample provided), which is not to be included in your page count. 7. Include a bibliography (see attached sample provided), which is not to be included in your page count. 8. Endnotes (sample provided at the end of these instructions) 9. Site all resources using MLA, APA or Chicago Manual Style. 10. 3 Scholarly sources: (1)- Half and Half; (2)- “Jungle Fever” the movie; (3)- A scholarly source that references “Jungle Fever.” Must be a “Word” Document, not .pdf or .txt file. See the document “Samples” for examples of cover sheet and citations. i Spike Lee. “Jungle Fever” (1991) RUBRIC: This essay encompasses 20% of your total grade and is broken down as follows: * Following Paper Requirements (4 points) * Thesis (4 points) * Support (4 points) * Organization (4 points) * Response to Prompt (4 points) Movie link; JUNGLE FEVER.


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