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HLTWHS004 Student Assessment Task Two: Case Studies Assessment Cover Sheet This document must be signed by the student for each assessment completed. Submission of Assessments will not be accepted for marking/review without a completed and signed Assessment Cover Sheet. Qualification TitleCHC52015 Diploma of Community ServicesUnit CodeHLTWHS004Unit TitleManage work health and safety.Student NameStudent IDStudent EmailAssessor NameCampus☐ Melbourne ☐ Sydney ☐ PerthDue DateWeek 7Submission DateAssessment TaskTask Two – Case Studies Student Agreement: By signing this Agreement, I confirm that I understand the Assessment Submission Guidelines, as detailed in the Student Handbook and Acknowledge Education’s policies and procedures. In particular: The work submitted is my own and does not contain another person’s material represented in my work.I understand that I must acknowledge in an appropriate manner all information and sources of assistance used in my assessment work.I have followed all submission, presentation and file name guidelines outlined in the submission guidelines. I am aware that if I do not follow the required guidelines, this could result in my assessments being returned not assessed by my trainer/assessor.I understand that I must not receive undue assistance or the unauthorised help of others in the preparation of my assessment work.I will not allow other students to access or copy in whole or any part of my assessment work.I understand that if I am dissatisfied with the way I have been assessed or with my result, I have the right to appeal as detailed in the Student Handbook and Acknowledge Education’s policies and procedures. Student Declaration: I hereby declare that I have read the above statement and that all the material I submit for assessment is entirely my own and meets all of the college’s assessment requirements. Student SignatureDate Assessment Task 2: Case Studies Student Assessment Instructions You need access to the case study instructions to complete this task. As this is an open-book task, you may also access a learner guide, the internet and/or other resources.You must satisfactorily complete all sections of the assessment and submit these to your assessor. Ask your assessor to clarify any aspect you are unsure about in this assessment task.You may be asked to explain your responses if the assessor needs any clarification. Required Resources You will need to have access to relevant legislation, standards and codes, industry practices and student book resources. Evidence You must submit the completed assessment cover sheet and your assessment by online submission within the allocated time.Ensure you keep a copy of your submitted work. Assessments submitted without a completed cover sheet will not be accepted. When and where will this assessment take place? This assessment may be undertaken in a simulated environment/in a classroom/at home – to be discussed with the assessor.Your assessor will provide you with the due date, which can be recorded in the assessment plan.Your assessor may also specify the length of time allowed and the expected word count, if applicable. What if the assessment is not suitable? If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence with the written assessment method, your assessor may be able to provide you with an alternative method. Discuss this with your assessor. What happens if your answers are not satisfactory? If any of the assessment responses are not satisfactory, your assessor will provide you with feedback. You may need to resubmit some or all the assessment tasks. Your assessor will explain the details for your reassessment.In most cases, you will be allowed a maximum of three attempts.If you are not satisfied with your assessment result, you have the right to lodge an appeal. Ask your assessor or contact the Course Coordinator for more information. Case Study Instructions Read the scenarios and answer the questions below for each of the scenarios. No.The student’s assessment shows evidence of the following:1Section 1 – Scenario 1Arnold is a physiotherapist and a health and safety representative at a community health centre that provides nursing and allied health services. Arnold’s manager Natasha has asked Arnold to conduct a review of the WHS infection control policies, procedures and practices in the workplace. Arnold agrees to conduct the review but soon discovers that he requires some expert advice, as the knowledge required to review some of the nursing and podiatry infection control procedures are beyond his scope of practice. The community health centre does not permanently employ anyone suitably qualified to assist Arnold in this infection control review process, so Arnold consults the WHS polices to find out what rights he has to access help.Required EvidenceQ1What information regarding workplace support services should Arnold find in the community health centre’s WHS policies?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q2What consultation activities could Arnold use to involve the allied health and nursing staff in the review process?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q3What are some ways that Arnold can ensure that the community health centre workers have a reasonable opportunity to participate in the review process?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐ 2Section 2 – Scenario 2Fatima is a care worker at an aged care facility. Last week, Fatima noticed that the hoist she was using to transfer a resident out of bed was very awkward to use. Fatima mentioned the hoist to her colleague Jessica, who agreed that everyone finds that particular hoist hard to use. Fatima mentions the issue to her manager, Scott, and asks why something has not been done about the hoist. Scott advises Fatima that this is the first he has heard of the issue as staff clearly aren’t reporting their near misses on the incident reporting system. When Scott discusses the lack of reporting at the next staff meeting, he is surprised to discover that very few of the workers are aware of the WHS polices relating to risk management and hazard, incident and injury record keeping.Required EvidenceQ1Why is it important for Fatima’s workplace to develop WHS record-keeping policies and procedures?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q2What important legislative record-keeping requirements should Fatima and the other workers be aware of?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q3What information should Fatima find in her WHS policies regarding hazard, injury and incident reporting?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q4What information should Fatima find in the WHS policies regarding the workplace requirements for incident investigation and record keeping?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐3Section 3 – Scenario 3Isla is the manager of a team of community services workers that deliver domestic home help such as cleaning, shopping and showering assistance. Isla’s team recently had an external WHS auditor assess the safety management systems in the workplace. The auditor recommended that Isla and the team update the WHS policies, hazard management and training programs in their workplace. The auditor also made recommendations that the workers should be included in the process of establishing WHS priorities and developing a WHS action plan.Required EvidenceQ1Why is it important for Isla to include the workers in the process of establishing WHS priorities?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q2What factors should Isla consider when developing a WHS action plan in consultation with the workers?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q3What are the potential barriers to WHS improvement in this workplace and how might Isla identify those barriers?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐Q4What are some common hazards that may be present in this community services environment and what risk minimisation strategies might Isla put in place to reduce risk to the workers?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐ Q5What are some essential factors required for Isla to monitor the progress of the WHS action plan, and how can she monitor actual achievement against planned progress?AnswerResultSatisfactory ☐ Not Satisfactory ☐ S=Satisfactory NS=Not Satisfactory Assessor NameAssessor Signature Student NameStudent Signature


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