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Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 1 of 16 Assessment Resource SummaryUnit DetailsBSBMGT517 Manage operational planAssessmentMethodsProjectAssessment Task 1Project/Role-playAssessment Task 2ReportAssessment Task 3Written QuestionsAssessment Task 4 Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 2 of 16 Unit SummaryThis unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and monitor implementation ofthe operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within theorganisation’s productivity and profitability plans.Management at a strategic level requires systems and procedures to be developed andimplemented to facilitate the organisation’s operational plan.This unit applies to individuals who manage the work of others and operate within the parametersof a broader strategic and/or business plan.No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication. Prerequisite UnitsThere are no mandatory pre-requisite units for this competency. Co-requisite UnitsThere are no recommended co-requisite units for this competency. All products purchased remain the intellectual property of St Peter Institute. All rights reserved; no part of any publication provided bySt Peter Institute may be reproduced by any means for use outside the purchasing organisation, without the prior written permission ofSt Peter Institute. Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 3 of 16Summative Assessment – Assessor InstructionsIt is important that in conducting assessment, the assessor undertakes the following:Prior to conducting the assessment Read the assessment tasks as detailed throughout this document Contextualise the task (and checklist) to ensure it reflects the students simulated workingenvironment. (Be sure to check with the mapping document to ensure any contextualisation stillcovers the unit requirements) Read the assessor instructions and checklist prior to commencing the assessment Ensure the assessment environment is suitable for the parameters of the task, to ensure thestudents will have an appropriate opportunity to demonstrates their skills Make suitable modifications to the assessment environment (if required), to allow all tasks to beobserved Ensure the student is allocated the appropriate time and resources for the task Advise the student prior to conducting the assessment of:o what will occur throughout the assessment processo when the assessment will occuro the level of competency expected (review the checklist or the criteria for the task to ensurethe student understands the assessment process and the expectations)o the RTO reasonable adjustment process and offer adjustment for any students needingassistanceo the RTO re-assessment and appeals process You should not tell the student how to undertake the task, as it would lead the student and renderthe assessment process invalid. The student should have been taught “How” to perform each taskduring the training stage, and is expected to know this prior to commencing the assessment. Do not give the student a copy of the Assessor Checklist or Sample Answers prior to theassessment. The student instructions provide appropriate detail for the student on the expectedlevel of competency for each task.For this assessment, St Peter Institute (SPI) ensures that students will have access to: Simulated workplace which is located at:o Level 2, 271 – 281 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria – 3000 Office equipment and resources within the SPI campus. Examples of documentation relating to this unit. Supplier “RTO Materials” Support Material for student learning relating to this unit( supplier support material has been contextualised in SPI’s Student Assessment and Assessor Guide tomeet the students learning requirements and reflect the students simulated working environment inaccordance with the performance criteria, foundation skills, performance evidence, knowledge evidence andassessment conditions specified in the unit of competency.Conducting the assessment Establish and oversee the evidence gathering process to ensure it remains valid, reliable, fair andflexible Advise the student when to commence the assessment Observe the student undertake the tasks as outlined Record your observations in the assessor checklist Where a checklist point is not observed due to an inappropriate environment, or for a reason outsidethe students control, modify the scenario to allow the student an opportunity to perform theassociated task Where a checklist point is not appropriate, write “N/A” in the space provided Incorporate allowable adjustments to the assessment procedure without compromising the integrityof the assessment. Be sure to make appropriate notations on the assessment checklist to explainStudent AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 4 of 16any variances to the assessment process (such as probing questions, alterations to assessmentenvironment, etc) to ensure the assessment process is transparent (and the assessment remainsValid) Gather supporting documentation where available and appropriate (as evidence) Do not interfere with the assessment unless the students’ actions impose a risk to themselves oranyone else. In the event that the actions of the student impact on the safety of any person – youare to immediately cease the assessment and take actions to reduce the identified risk. If a student performs an action incorrectly, mark it as such. Record what you see, not what you wantto see. Once the assessment is complete, advise the student that the assessment has ceased, and recordyour comments in the sections provided.Making and recording the decision The student needs to be deemed satisfactory in all assessments to gain competency. You are to provide feedback* to the student on their performance and/or the outcome from theirassessment (whether satisfactory or not yet satisfactory) If a student has been assessed as “Not Yet Satisfactory” on their performance in an assessmentthey should be offered information about the appeal process and/or a reassessment opportunity. Using the evidence gathered and the rules of evidence (validity, reliability, sufficiency, currency andauthenticity) determine the final outcome for the student. If you are in doubt, gather further evidenceto help guide your decision. Assess the students on what you observe during the assessment period, not on their actions beforeor after the assessment. If you are marking the student NYC, ensure you outline why you have made this decision, andprovide advice on how the student can improve their skills / knowledge prior to reassessment; or ifthe re-assessment opportunities have lapsed, provide advice on appeals and or re-enrolment. Record the assessment results onto the Assessment Summary / Cover Sheet, ensuring eachsection is complete Attach all evidence (projects / checklists / tests, etc.) to this form. Submit the completed Assessment Summary/ Cover sheet and associated evidence for processingas per your RTO proceduresProviding feedback Provide constructive feedback to the student on their performance during the assessment period.Do not make any comments on actions undertaken prior or after the assessment period. Provide the student with:o Their assessment resulto Clear and constructive feedback based on the assessment decisiono The reasons underpinning your assessment decisiono Information on ways of overcoming any identified gaps in competency revealed by theassessment the opportunity to discuss the assessment process and outcome information onreassessment and the appeals processes.o An opportunity for reassessment if appropriate or requested by the candidateStudent AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 5 of 16Student Instructions ProjectReport The Project is designed to assess yourunderstanding of the unit as well as yourapplication of knowledge. To be deemed Satisfactory in thisassessment you need to answer correctlyALL parts of Project in your own words,clearly printed, word formatted and typed inEnglish Your answers will form part of the evidencegathered for this unit. This activity will provide you with anopportunity to demonstrate the skills andknowledge you have obtained through thecompletion of this unit.Time allocated: 120 min This is an individual assessment, but you are toresearch and can use notes to assist. The report is designed to assess your understandingof the unit as well as your application of knowledge. To be deemed Satisfactory in this assessment task,you need to answer ALL parts correctly in your ownwords, clearly printed, word formatted and typed inEnglish Your answers will form part of the evidence gatheredfor this unit. These activities will provide you with an opportunity todemonstrate the knowledge you have obtainedthrough the completion of this unit. Time allocated: 180 minRole play To be deemed Satisfactory in thisassessment you will be required to do aRole Play with your fellow students. You will be assessed as you undertake theRole Play on your ability to:– Follow provided instructions– Use persuasive communication skills– Collect feedback from participants ifrequired– Your answers will form part of theevidence gathered for this unit– This activity will provide you with anopportunity to demonstrate the skills andknowledge you have obtained throughthe completion of this unit. Time allocated: 120 minWritten Questions Candidates are required to complete the followingwritten assessment task. This is an individualassessment, but you can use notes to assist. All questions will need to be answered correctly to bedeemed satisfactory in this task. Your answers will form part of the evidence gatheredfor this unit. Time allocated: 120 min Submit your assessment by the date set by your assessor The length of your answers will be guided by the description in each assessment:Short answers: 4 typed lines or 50 wordsLong answers: 8 typed lines or 100 wordsBrief report: 1 typed page or 500 wordsMid Report: 2- 4 typed pages or 1000 wordsLong Report: 4 – 6 typed pages or 2000 words Do not plagiarise. Plagiarism is considered cheating. Please refer below for our policy in regards tocheating Any answers that seem to have been directly quoted from an external source, would require the studentto verbally explain to their assessor, as to what knowledge they were able to gather from the source andif they understood what they have written. Do not cheat during this assessment. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be excluded underthe Disciplinary Rules and their opportunity for assessment will be subject to the outcome of an AppealProcess or Disciplinary Hearing Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your assessor cannot tell you theanswer, he/she may be able to re-word the question for you Reasonable adjustment: If you require any adjustments to accommodate a need in order to completethis assessment, please talk to your assessor. Arrangements will be put in place to ensure a fair andflexible approach is undertaken for this assessment. Please note that the range or nature of theadjustment will ensure that the outcomes of the unit are not compromised. Accommodation for LLN and appeals process is available. Please alert your assessor if you feel thisapplies to you. Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 6 of 16  RPL – Recognition of prior learning is available. Please alert your assessor if you feel this applies to you Re-assessment: If you do not achieve the required standard, you will be given the opportunity to be reassessed by our Assessor. Arrangements will be made on an individual basis. Feedback: Your assessor will provide written feedback to students after the completion of theassessment. The trainer/assessor will explain the appeals process. References: Any material/content sourced from the internet, ‘open book’ sources, journals, news articles,websites, etc., must be clearly and precisely referenced, giving credit where it is due to the original work.If no such reference is provided, the student’s attempt would be considered as cheating and fall under thecategory of ‘Plagiarism’. Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 7 of 16Project Assessment Task 1You have been employed by Canterbury Renovations, which is a start-up cabinet making business. Your roleis to help develop and implement strategic plans that support the direction and aspirations of the business.PART AYou are to obtain a copy of the business plan from your employer (who will be role-played by your assessor),and read it carefully. If the business plan already contains the resource requirements, list those in theoperational plan, otherwise conduct research and analyse the resource requirements and present the samein the operational plan. List the sources you used to develop your resource requirements. Once understood,you are to arrange a time to meet with your employer (your assessor) to identify company goals andaspirations, and to clarify the business plan where required.Next, you are to develop a detailed operational plan that ensures the objectives and strategies outlined aremet by work teams. As a minimum, your operational plan must outline: Strategies Performance criteria Timeframes Budgets Responsibilities Resources Key Performance IndicatorsIt is important that you also include details on how the plan will be implemented, monitored and reviewed!Also develop a contingency plan. Explain how and when you will implement the contingency plan.PART BAlong with your operational plan, you are to develop and provide all relevant policies and procedures relatingto: recruitment (including induction and staff development) acquiring physical resources / services protecting organisational intellectual property consultation processOnce developed, you are to arrange a meeting with your assessor, who will role-play your supervisor. Thepurpose of this meeting is to explain and gain approval for the implementation of your plan. You must bewell prepared for this meeting, as your supervisor will be asking you detailed questions, and reasons for yourproposal.This assessment may also be undertaken in your workplace, using data relevant to your organisation.Assessment SummaryYou are to submit the followingPart A: Detailed operational planPart B: Supporting policies and proceduresStudent AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 8 of 16Project/Role-play Assessment Task 2PART AFollowing Assessment 1, you are to prepare for and implement your operational plan in part.Your implementation will encompass running a meeting for your team in which you: Explain and discuss the operational plan in detail Allocate responsibilities for at least 2 different strategies outlined within the plan Instruct / mentor each person to whom you have allocated a responsibility to, to ensure theyunderstand and are empowered to perform their allocated task Ensure each staff member are trained in the following strategies – as appropriate to their allocatedresponsibility / strategyo recruitmento resource allocationo intellectual propertyIt is important that you are prepared for this session, ensuring you: prepare for the session to ensure everything is covered develop and provide relevant documentation / supporting materials to your teamYour assessor will observe you running the meeting.PART BMeeting Context Each meeting will consist of yourself (running the meeting), and at least 2 other people, who will roleplay the employees. Other people may include trainers or students from your course.Things to consider whilst performing this task: Be organised – prepare and plan for the session thoroughly. Know your position Know your company Arrange access to all required documentation for this process Be prepared to ask questions Be prepared to be asked questionsThings to consider whilst role-playing an employee: Be prepared Act professionally throughout the process Be prepared to ask questions when you require more information Answer all questions to the best of your ability Make sure that by the end of the session, you are fully aware of the strategy you have beenallocated, along with the actions you would need to perform to achieve this.Remember, you will be required to both run the meeting, and role-play an employee (during anotherstudent’s assessment), so be sure to perform at your best at all times.Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 9 of 16 During the observations, did the studentObservation1CommentsIntroduce self and welcome team Yes  NoIncrease their awareness of the team dynamics Yes  NoInform their team of the project objectives Yes  NoDid the student explain and discuss theoperational plan in detail? Yes  NoDid the student make sure that each staff memberis trained in the following strategies as appropriateto their allocated responsibility /strategy:o recruitmento resource allocationo intellectual property Yes  NoExplain expectations of team members Yes  NoDid the student allocate responsibilities for at least2 different strategies outlined within the plan? Yes  NoExplain roles and responsibilities of each teammembers Yes  NoExplain task requirements Yes  NoEncourage team to take responsibility for theirown work Yes  NoConsult with team on ways to meet objectives Yes  NoInclude team members in team planning / decisionmaking Yes  NoSet parameters / boundaries for the tasks Yes  No Expected outcomes Yes  No Expected outputs Yes  No Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 10 of 16  Key Performance Indicators Yes  No Work Team Goals Yes  NoCommunicate clearly Yes  NoPresent professionally Yes  NoPerform as a role model for others Yes  NoSupport team members effectively Yes  NoTreat team with integrity, respect and empathy Yes  NoEncourage individual thinking / innovation Yes  NoIdentify and reward individual team efforts throughverbal praise Yes  NoEncourage open communication within team Yes  NoRepresent the team positively Yes  NoIdentify any areas where individuals requirefurther assistance / training / coaching / mentoring Yes  NoProvide opportunities for further development ofteam members through on the job coaching andmentoring Yes  NoMonitor team progress Yes  NoIdentify barriers or issues that may preventcompletion of task Yes  NoWork through and rectify identified barriers andissues Yes  NoEvaluate and take necessary corrective actionregarding unresolved issues and concerns raisedby stakeholders Yes  NoProvide effective feedback to individual teammembers Yes  No Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 11 of 16 Provide supportive feedback to team as a whole Yes  NoLiaise with all appropriate stakeholders andfacilitate two-way flow of information betweenteam and management Yes  No Assessment SummaryYou are to submit the followingPart A: Your meeting planCopies of documentation provided to employeesPart B: Your assessor will observe you running the meetingStudent AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 12 of 16Report Assessment Task 3PART AFor this assessment, you are to interview your assessor and gather the required data to review theimplementation of your operational plan. To perform this task satisfactorily, you must be prepared, as yourassessor will only provide you with answers to questions asked.In performing this task, you should: Consider your operational plan developed in Assessment 1 Identify the type of information required to determine the effectiveness of each strategy Assess the profitability and productivity outcomes of each strategy Identify areas of underperformance Identify improvements that are appropriate to ensure the viability of the operational plan identify how staff members are mentored to use resources efficiently, viably and safelyOnce you have gathered this information, you are to provide a written report that: comments on the effectiveness of the plans implementation reviews the financial outcome (in terms of viability, profitability and productivity) of each strategy outlines the areas of underperformance, along with recommendations for improvements includes an amended version of your operational plan, with the changes highlighted outlines in detail how the changes will be implemented outline in detail what methods you will utilise to ensure that staff members are using resourcesefficiently, viably and safelyAssessment SummaryYou are to submit the followingPart A: The detailed report as outlined aboveStudent AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 13 of 16Written Questions Assessment Task 41. What is the role of an operational plan in achieving the organisations objectives?2. Explain what a GANTT Chart is, and the associated benefits to Operational Planning. Be sure toprovide a sample?3. Explain what a PERT Chart is, and the associated benefits to Operational Planning. Be sure toprovide a sample?4. List and describe 4 types of documents / information that are commonly referenced when developingan operational plan project. Include an outline of the information contained within, and how itinfluences the parameters of your plan.5. List 6 different legislation, organisational policy or procedure that may impact on operational planimplementation.6. Describe the following principles / legislative requirements• Equal Opportunity• Occupational health and safety• Employer rights and responsibilities• Anti-discrimination• Privacy laws• Copyright7. What are the key purposes / objectives of creating and using an annual budget?8. What are the key purposes / objectives of forecasts?9. List 5 characteristic that should form part of a Key Performance Indicator.10. List 3 alternative approaches to developing key performance indicators to meet business objectives.Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 14 of 16UNIT SUMMARY RESULT This form is to be completed by the Trainer/ Assessor and attached as a summary page for each student.To provide the outcome of the Assessment, a photocopy will be given to the student.Student Name:Student ID No:Unit Start Date:Unit End Date:Unit Code:BSBMGT517Unit Title:Manage operational planPlease attach the following documentation to this formS = Satisfactory ResultNS = Not SatisfactoryReassessmentS = SatisfactoryNS = Not SatisfactoryAssessment Task 1 Detailed operational plan attached Recruitment policy attached Resource policy attached Intellectual property policy attached Consultation Procedure AttachedS | NSS | NSAssessment Task 2 Meeting Observed Handouts attached Meeting plan attachedS | NSS | NSAssessment Task 3 Written report attached Implementation plan attached Updated operational plan attachedS | NSS | NSAssessment Task 4 Answers to written questions attachedS | NSS | NSFinal Assessment Result for this unitC / NYC Assessor Notes: (inclusive of reassessment, reasonable adjustment, further opportunities for gap training etc.):____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 15 of 16_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Declaration: I declare that I have been assessed inthis unit, and I have been advised of my result. I also am aware ofmy appeal rights.Name____________________________Signature: ____________________________Date: ____/_____/_____Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliableand flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriatefeedbackName: ____________________________Signature: ____________________________Date: ____/_____/_____ Administrative use only Entered onto Student Management Database ________________DateInitials Student AssessmentBSBMGT517 Student Assessment V5.0 August 2020 Page 16 of 16Student Assessment Receipt Student NameStudent IDUnit NameManage Operational PlanUnit CodeBSBMGT517 Summary of AssessmentsSatisfactoryNot Yet SatisfactoryAssessment Task 1Assessment Task 2Assessment Task 3Assessment Task 4 Assessor / Trainer Name: ___________________________Assessor / Trainer Signature: ___________________________Date: ___________________


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