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1CAD-MHML-0006 Global HR-ManagementBy Prof. Dr. Farzaneh S. Zoghi- Farzaneh.soleimaniZoghi@srh.deExamination type: Seminar PaperTopic: Developing a draft of the HR scorecard for your favorite company.The purpose of the assignment: How HR can add strategic value to an organization?Instruction to prepare your Seminar Paper: The seminar paper must not exceed 10 pages (plus cover sheet and the list of references12 pages). The length of your seminar paper should be 3000 words (+- 10%). The deadline to submit the seminar paper is the 1st of March 2021. The seminar paper should be uploaded on the Campus Net by the deadline. The assignment must be your own work. Plagiarism and collusion is not accepted. Your seminar paper should has been written in an academic way (Citing sources, beinganalytic, using subject specific language, being precise and objective)The seminar paper should include following structure (please see the points and the length ofeach item in the following table): NoStructurePointslength1Clearly define the business strategy20800 words2Build a business case for HR as a strategic asset10400 words3Create a strategy map10400 words4Identify HR deliverables within the strategy map.20400 words5Align the HR architecture with HR deliverables20400 words6Design the strategic measurement system (HRscorecard).10400 words7Implement management by measurement and conclusion10200 wordsTotal1003000 words Please see case study “Reyes Fitness Centers, Inc.: The Strategic HR Opportunity” by JohnSherlockThe HR Scorecard Seven-step Process:1. Clearly define the business strategy.2. Build a business case for HR as a strategic asset.3. Create a strategy map.4. Identify HR deliverables within the strategy map.5. Align the HR architecture with HR deliverables.6. Design the strategic measurement system (HR scorecard).7. Implement management by measurement (conclusion).Good Luck!


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