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SHORT ESSAY QUESTION PROGRAMMEBachelor of Commerce in EntrepreneurshipMODULEEntrepreneurship 3DYEARThree (3)INTAKEJULY 2020TOTAL MARKS20 QUESTION ONE (20 MARKS)The demand for social needs which are not met by the government and the market is a driver of socialentrepreneurship. They have increased the openness to experiment with market-based approaches andbusiness-like methods in the social sector to offer social solutions to social problems. The unmetdemands arise because of market failure, contract failure and government failure.With the use of examples, interpret that five main classes of market failure.ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES: Font Arial, size 12; Justified; 1.5 line spacing Length of answers should be appropriate to the mark allocation A maximum 6 pages A minimum of 8 sources to be referenced This assessment should be written in context of clarity and application of relevant theory


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