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1Teaching Week 5 Timetabling Week 10 Seminar 4 Continuous Distribution 1 LearningObjectivesoftheSeminarAchievedthrough1.Mastertheuniformdistribution;CompletionofQuestion1 2. Show understanding of characteristics ofNormal DistributionCompletion of Question 23. Review some Excel skills learnt in theprevious sessions e.g. graph, set up tables;Completion of the seminar requirements4. Develop communication and independentlearning skillsPeer discussion and questions to tutorRequirementsQuestion 1 Uniform Probability Distribution (60 – 70 mins)Delta Airlines quotes a flight time of 2 hours, 5 minutes for its flights fromCincinnati to Tampa. Suppose we believe that actual flight times are uniformlydistributed between 2 hours and 2 hours, 20 minutes.1. Give a mathematical expression for the probability density function of flight timeand the expected value and variance of the distribution;2. Create a scatter graph using dynamic process learnt in the previous sessions toshow the uniform probability distribution graphically, then answer the belowquestions:a. What is the probability that the flight will be no more than 5minutes late?b. What is the probability that the flight will be more than 10 minuteslate?c. What is the probability that the flight will be between 4 and 8minutes late?d. In a month of 200 flight journeys finished, how many should havearrived 5 minutes or less earlier?Question 2 Normal DistributionNew York City is the most expensive city in the United States for lodging. Themean hotel room rate is $204 per night (USA Today, April 30, 2012). Assume thatroom rates are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $55.a. Draw on a piece of paper the Normal Distribution curve and mark theMean and 1 unit standard deviation to each side of the Mean.2b. Show the Probability Density Function to your tutor and point it on yourgraph.


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