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Teaching Week 6 Timetabling Week 13 Seminar 5 Continuous Distribution 2 Learning Objectives of the SeminarAchieved through1.Master the normal distributions;Completion of all questions2. Apply the Excel functions Norm.DIST and Norm.INV to solve statistical problems;Completion of the required questions3. Review some Excel skills learnt in the previous sessions;Completion of the seminar requirements4. Develop communication and independent learning skillsPeer discussion and questions to tutor Spend the first 10 minutes to read through and understand the seminar and ask any question to your tutor for clarification during the 10 minutes. Requirements Normal Distribution Airfares (Airfares Excel file) were based on the total ticket value, which consisted of the price charged by the airlines plus any additional taxes and fees. The prices follow normal distribution. Use Excel to plot the density of the prices; You can either use pen and paper or Excel for question 2-5. Please use the z score formula to calculate the question 2-5. What is the probability that a domestic airfare is $550 or more?What is the probability that a domestic airfare is $250 or less?What if the probability that a domestic airfare is between $300 and $400?What is the cost for the 3% highest domestic airfares? Use Excel functions Norm.Dist and Norm.INV to check your answers in Question 2-5.


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