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MA 3022/4022/7022 Data Mining and Neural NetworksComputational Task 2Due till 25.03.2021100 marks availableAll questions have equal weight.Breast cancer diagnosis – 2Use Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) Data Set you have used in the firsttask and perform principal component analysis and k-means clusteringRead Principal Component Analysis tutorial from the BB Learning Materials.Refresh knowledge about clustering: read Lecture 16 (Cluster validity,Outliers.pdf) and the Clustering tutorial from the BB Learning Materials.1. Principal component analysis of the data. Centralise and normalize (standardise) data, Calculate principal components and the corresponding loads(eigenvalues of the correlation matrix). Present the eigenvalues as aplot (eigenvalue as function of its number). How many major components should be retained according to theKaiser rule (for major components the eigenvalues λ>1)? According tothe conditional number rule (for all major components λmax/λ


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