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Seminar 1 Descriptive StatisticsLearning Objectives of the Seminar1. Master the Excel function FrequencyAchieved throughCompletion of the seminar requirements2. Application of the concept of Frequencydistribution and relative frequencyExplanation of the statistical result3. Use graphical approach to representdataCompletion of the seminar requirements4. Develop problem solving andcommunication skillsPeer discussion or questions to tutorSpend the first 10 minutes to read through and understand the seminarand ask any question to your tutor for clarification during the 10 minutes.Requirements1. Download the Excel file Sales.xls from the folder;2. The data tells the key performance indicators of the sales department ofCompass Ltd.3. Tabulate and plot the data to reveal more information.4. Use of Frequency Excel function is essential to pass the seminar.5. Briefly explain the result.—-End—-1Do you know ? The website contains millions of qualitylearning materials. Bath Spa University is paying for subscription. We justneed to log in!


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