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Deadline: 21/03/2021Length: 500 words.RATIONALE ASSESSMENT TASK 1: KM STRATEGY PROPOSALThe aim of Assessment Task 1 is to support you in the process of developing a knowledgemanagement (KM) strategy through preparation of a brief proposal that describes theorganisation, scope/focus and approach you plan to adopt in Assessment Task 3. You will also berequired to reflect on the key challenges you might face in developing the KM strategy and howyou plan to manage these challenges.GENERAL GUIDELINESPlease read this document in conjunction with the requirements outline for “Assessment Task 3:KM Strategy”.Assessment Task 1 requires you to develop a KM strategy proposal prior to developing your KMstrategy for Assessment Task 3. Your KM strategy proposal should be no more 500 words(including in-text references, tables, figures and appendices but excluding the reference list)and include the following information:• Introduction: Basic details of your selected organisation and why you believe it is asuitable choice to adopt as the basis for Assessment Task 3.• Areas to be studied: Provide details of, and a rationale for, the scope and focus of yourplanned KM strategy.• Approach and methods: Explain how you will collect the information that you present inyour KM strategy. If you intend to use primary data sources, you should include thecontact details of relevant participants and/or if you intend to use secondary sources youshould provide some example references.• Risk Management: Summarise the key risks/concerns you have (as opposed torisks/concerns that the organisation has) about developing the KM strategy and explainhow you plan to manage these.In order to increase your motivation and interest in completing Assessment Task 1 andAssessment Task 3 you are encouraged to select an organisation of interest to you.The course learning outcomes (CLO) addressed in this assessment task are:▪ CLO2: Demonstrate a broad, critical, and practical understanding of knowledgemanagement theories and practices in the real world.▪ CLO6: Develop a knowledge management strategy for an organisation.RUBRIC/MARKING GUIDELINESMarking criteria will consider the extent to which you have provided a well-thought out andprofessionally presented proposal that represents a: I.II.Suitable choice of organisation to adopt for Assessment Task 3Sound plan in terms of the areas which will be studied and the approach and methodsto be used.Clear reflection on the possible challenges which may be faced by you in developing theKM strategy and ways that these will be managed.III. Learning to communicate comprehensive information in a concise manner is an important skilland therefore penalties will be applied for exceeding this word limit. Such penalties might includeeither a reduction in the marks awarded, or alternatively, that only the first 500 words will bemarked.GRADE CRITERIAHigh Distinction 80 – 100%Exceptionally clear understanding of subject matter and appreciation of issues; well organised,formulated and sustained arguments; well thought out and structured diagrams; relevantliterature referenced. Evidence of creative insight and originality in terms of comprehension,application and analysis with at least some synthesis and evaluation. KM Strategy ProposalLevels of AchievementCriteriaMarks80-100%Introduction2.0Excellent introduction to organisation and justification of its suitability provided(industry,size, location etc.)Areas tobe Studied3.0An excellent explanation of the scope and focus of the planned KM strategy.Approach andMethods2.5Excellent explanation of proposed approach (methods, data sources etc.)Risk Management2.0Provides an excellent reflection on the possible challenges faced in developingthe KMstrategy and plans to manage these.Presentation0.5Excellent presentation. Hi..Please read T3 file.


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