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Marking Scheme for Laboratory Report (Major Assignment) PercentageFailPassCreditDistinctionHigh DistinctionAbstract5%• All major abstract aspects missing• Lack of understanding of aim andpurpose of abstract• Most major aspects missing• Limited understanding of aim andpurpose of abstract• Some major aspects missing• Understanding of aim and purposeof abstract• Most major aspects present• Good understanding of aim andpurpose of abstract• All major aspects present• Excellent understanding of aimand purpose of abstractIntroduction25%• Little background information• Incorrect information provided /No or incorrect statement of aims• Basic Introductory informationprovided / Aims of the study areprovided• Missing some major points• Good introductory information• Missing some minor points / Aimsof the study are provided• Strong introductory information• Most major points provided /Aims of the study are provided• Complete and well-writtenintroductory information• All major points providedMethods15%• Important experimental detailsmissing• Not written in paragraph format• Some important details missing• Written in paragraph format• Some minor details missing• Written in paragraph format• Most important details covered• Well-written in paragraph format• All important details covered• Well-written in paragraph formatResults15%• Misleading, confusing and orincorrect information• No understanding and/or poorlypresented results and discussesresults• Missing and/or incorrectinformation• Adequate results but limitedunderstanding of results/data• Appropriate figures, graphs and/ortables• Appropriate information, results,no interpretation of data• Some understanding of resultsevident• Good figures, graphs and/or tables• Good information, results,interpretation of data and trends• Good understanding of results• Excellent figures, graphs and/ortables• Excellent information andunderstanding of results, excellentuse of appropriate style to representresults.Discussion25%• No discussion• Missing important information• Little effort or reflection shown• Limited discussion• Important information missing /limited conclusion paragraph /limited data discussion• Appropriate discussion andconclusion paragraph• Minor information missing / minorerrors in data discussion• Good conclusion• All important informationprovided / good discussion of data• Excellent discussion• All important points aspects welldiscussed• High level, original thoughtdemonstrated and good conclusionparagraph providedReferences10%• Incorrect in text referencing• No and/or very poor referencelist/Lecture notes used as references• Some in text references missing• Poor reference list• Appropriate citing and referencelist• Good citing and reference list• Variety of sources• Excellent citing and reference list• Wide variety of quality sourcesFormatting5%• Not in correct order; Over/Under10% word threshold Limit;Inappropriate format; Significantgrammatical errors• In correct order; Within the wordlimit; Some grammatical errors• In correct order; within the wordlimit; good use of academiclanguage; minor formattingproblems• In correct order; within wordlimit; good formatting; good use ofacademic language; no grammaticalerrors• In correct order; well-formatted;very readable


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