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 Research Portfolio Part 1 Word count 1500 Connect to learning outcomes: Identify relevant and significant nursing issues for investigation.Analyse varying understandings of the nature of evidence and the process of evidence-based practiceOnly locate of the “Locate critically appraise and synthesise research evidence relating to nursing questions”. The task will be to compile a portfolio consisting of ALL the following activities: Generation of a research question and preparation for the critical appraisal (Research Portfolio Part 1) Identify a clinical, educational or management issue of direct relevance to nursing and within your scope of practice /influence (about one paragraph in length). Your clinical question must be answered by a randomized controlled trial design. This issue must form the basis of both your Research PortfoliosDefine the information gapIdentify the PICO or PICo componentsConstruct an answerable question using PICO or PICoDescribe your search strategyList databases searchedPerform your search using PICO elements and appropriate AND/OR combinationsc.Save your search items from your MEDLINE search via ‘screen shot’List the studies returned in your search,Describe why you have/haven’t chosen the studies returned by your searchJustify why you have chosen the particular article (consider how the article relates to your scenario)Provide a legible copy of the article for appraisal (assignments will not be marked unless a copy of the article is provided)  ****In addition, comment on the following: The paradigm with which the research methodology employed in the article is aligned.The position of the study in the hierarchy of evidence pyramidThe quality of the journal in which the article is published.The standing of the first, second and last authors of the article.  Provide one reference list using 7th edition format, for all literature cited in the assignment. Pages should be numbered in the bottom right corner, WORD format, size 11 point font, 1.5 line spacing.All in-text references count in the word count. Reference list is excluded from word count.There is no requirement for title page


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