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PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF A SINGLE STAGE AXIALFLOW AIR COMPRESSOROBJECTIVEDetermine the performance of an axial flow compressor experimentally.APPARATUS:Single stage axial flow compressor, orifice meter, and dynamometerParametersPower input P Rotational speedVolume flow rate of airDiameter of impellerPressure change across impellerAir densityViscosityω = 2 π N / 60, N= RPMQD∆pρµ In functional form, the relation is given by:f (P, ω, D, Q, ∆p, ρ, µ) = 0 (1)By Buckingharn Pi theorem, one can show, using w, r and D as repeating variables, a setof dimensionless variables,Power coefficient, w=3 5Dρω PC(2)Pressure coefficient,p 2 2p DCρω∆= (3)Flow Coefficient,Q 3Q DCω= (4)And Reynolds’ s number,Figure 1: Orifice plate and flow pipe nomenclaturex = location of back plate from the edge of the pipe.The pressure taps PT1 and PT2 are conndrop across the orifice plate.δp = ρWhere, ρalcohol = density of alcoholg = acceleration due to gravityδh1 = difference in height in the manometer tubes connected to PTl andPT2.The volume flow Q, through the pipe is given by (see Ref 1),Q = CWhere Cd = discharge coefficient, 1.2Cd = .0 5959 + .0 0312β– 08 5.2R10.184 .0 0029β + β1– β µρ=VDReA2QV = = Average velocityected to a manometer to measure op, the pressurealcohol g.δh1d 2 412 p 1Aρ – βδ4 4175.6 e.0 0337L 09.0–β  + (5)(6)(7)3L2β (8)Here Ll = 1 (location ofPT2 from orifice plate, in terms of pipe diameter) andL2 = 0.5 (location of PTl from orifice plate, in terms of pipe diameter).β = d / D = ratio of orifice diameter to pipe diameter = 0.5D 4A Area of. .Pipe22π= =PROCEDURE:In this experiment, the variables are x, the location of back plate from the edge of thepipe and N, the rotational speed of the compressor. The range for these variables are: 1″


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