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Teaching Week 11Seminar 8 Regression and ForecastingLearning Objectives of the Seminar Achieved through1. Practice Data Analysis Tool –Regression;2. Enhance understanding on linearrelationship and use of scatter graph;3. Develop analytical thinking: how toexplain R square in OLS regression;Completion of the seminar tasksCompletion of the seminar tasksDuring the process of interpretation ofresults 4. Develop competencies in workplacePeer discussion; ask questions to tutor andcompletion of the task. Regression and forecasting are powerful techniques tohelp solve business problems.Case StudyOne of the biggest changes in higher education in recent years has been thegrowth of online universities. The Online Education Database is an independentorganization whose mission is to build a comprehensive list of the top accreditedonline colleges. The following table shows the retention rate (%) and thegraduation rate (%) for 29 online colleges (Online Education Database website,January 2009).a. Use Excel Data Analysis Tool – Regression to get the relationship betweenthe two variables;b. Create a scatter diagram for the two variables and display regressionequation and R square on chart, then explain the relationship between thevariables;c. Did the estimated regression equation provide a good fit?d. Suppose you were the president of South University. After reviewing theresults, would you be able to use the regression result for forecasting?1


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