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Teaching Week 3 Seminar 2 Numerical Measures Learning Objectives of theSeminar 1.Use Excel Statistics Tool and other functions learnt in Workshop 2 to calculate basic numerical measures; Practice independent learning Develop problem solving and communication skills Achievedthrough Completion of the seminar requirements Explanation of the statistical result Peer discussion or questions to tutor Spend the first 5 minutes to read through and understand the seminar and ask any question to your tutor for clarification during the 10 minutes. Requirements Task 1 (No more than 30 mins) Download the Excel file Flights copy.xlsx from the folder; The results of a search to find the least expensive round-trip flights to Atlanta and Salt Lake City from 14 major U.S. cities are shown in the following table. The departure date was June 20, 2012, and the return date was June 27, 2012. Use the Excel Data Analysis tool to get the summary statistics and brief explain the central tendency and dispersion statistics to your tutor.How much is the value of percentile p = 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 … 80, respectively.How much is the value of quartile Q1, Q2 and Q3, respectively? Task 2 (No more than 20 mins) Download the Excel file MutualFund copy. xlsx from the folder;Compute the geomean of the data set and explain why we use geomean for the sample.


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