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1Teaching Week 2 Seminar 3Probability Learning Objectives of the seminar Achieved throughSpend the first 10 minutes toread through and understand the seminarand ask any question to your tutor for clarification during the 10minutes.Requirements 1. Download the Excel file2. Create a variable Rounded Meal Price using function =round(cell number,-1) in Column E for each of the observation in variable Meal Price;3. Figure out the meaning of the new variable Rounded Meal Price;4. Show graphically if there is any outlier in the quantitative variables i.e.create a box plot (Manually);5. Use Pivot Table function to find the average price and the number ofrestaurants for each city (they need be shown in one Pivot Table). The hintto get the average price and count of restaurant is in the screenshotbelow.1. Master the Excel function Pivot Table;2. Able to identify outliers using Box Plotand know the meaning of outlier;3. Show independent learning skills4. Develop problem solving andcommunication skillsCompletion of the seminar requirementsCompletion of the seminarrequirementsRequirements 2, 3 and 5Use available resources to finish theseminar The file contains quality rating and average meal price of 300 restaurants in a fewcities in the UK. 2Click the little arrow on ‘Sumof Meal …” entry and select ‘Value Field Settings…’, then you will see the belowdialogSelect the calculation you would like Excel to perform for the selected variable andclick ok. 6. Create the second Pivot Table to calculate the probability of each qualityrating (Excellent, Good and Very Good) in each city.7. Create the third Pivot Table to calculate the probability of each qualityrating (Excellent, Good and Very Good) in the price range that contains theoverall average price.


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