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Page 1 of 1Scenario“A car manufacturer produces two versions of its popular medium sized model: ahatchback aimed at the family market and a coupe designed to appeal to affluentsingle customers.Both are based on the same chassis and differ only in the body kit used to makeup the cars. They are both produced at the same factory.There are 80,000 hours of manpower and 3,250 basic chassis units (one pervehicle) available each week. The hatchback takes five hours of assembly timewhile a coupe takes ten hours.At least 2,000 coupe models should be produced per week.Production is also constrained by the fact that owing to problems with a supplieronly 25,000 locking mechanisms are available per week. A hatchback uses fiveof these locking mechanism while a coupe uses two.The profit to the factory on a hatchback model is estimated to be £1,750 while theprofit on a coupe is £2,750.The market demand for the cars is high. It is known that demand will exceedproduction for time to come so they should be able to sell whatever mix of cars isproduced.The car manufacturer wants to maximise its profits, but doesn’t know whatcombination of versions of its medium-sized model to produce.”Remember to deal with negativity constraints, if necessary!


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