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Yes/No Reflect on a range of personal daily decisions and one major decision to analyse and evaluate sources of data, decision-making styleand decision-making tools. (25% -5/20)Assessment 1 ChecklistHave you included your 7-day decision diary in the appendix?Based on the decisions made in your diary, did you discuss your decision-making style reflectively?Did you evaluate these decisions in terms of their effort, significance and effectiveness?Have you discussed 1-2 major decisions (from any time in your life) and reflectively discussed how you made these decision(s), based onwhat you learned at class? What have you learned in this subject that could have helped you make these decision(s) better? No toolsoutside the subject material covered will be accepted, such as DelphiHave the sources of data for your diary decisions AND your major decision(s) been listed and discussed?Compare and contrast with other decision-making styles and processes to identify bias and blind spots (25% -5/20)Did you include the result of your decision making preference test in the Appendix? You find the quiz under Assessment 1 on BlackboardDid you include additional personality test results also in the Appendix (Myers Briggs, Johari’s Window, Gallup etc.)?Have you included detailed feedback and insights about your personality tests from at least three class members in the appendix?Are the names of your classmates shown in the appendix? Anonymous feedback or non-classmates’ feedback are not acceptedHave you compared different decision-making styles and the negative impact of various/several biases and blind spots for decision-making?Prepare a business style report with headings and content that includes visual representation of the data (25%-5/20)Does your report have the following structure: a cover page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, headings that structureyour discussion, a conclusion section, recommendations for self-improvement and a list of references?Does your logic flow and are your discussion points clearly expressed? We won’t grade your grammar but clarity of thinking will be. Tip:Submit your report to Studiosity at least 3 days before the submission deadlineHave you included visualisations of your data to support your reflections on your major decision(s) and decision diary? For example,graphs, charts and tablesSupport your report with references to key readings from the subject resources weeks 1-4 (25%- 5/20)Are your references from the subject material on Blackboard (to demonstrate your familiarity with what was discussed at class)?Are your references APA-complliant?Did you get feedback from 3 class members (not friends/family elsewhere)? Must put their student ID numbers and namesDid you reflect on each of those feedback? You must talk about your action plan for your future decision making Forgotten to include cover sheet?WhatNOT todo !PDFs are strictly not permitted –> Submission must be in Microsoft Word formatFor unapproved late submissions, 10% are deducted from the grade for every day late. A zero grade is applied after 5 days lateThe Academic Integrity Officer will investigate all suspected major AI breaches and your lecturer is bound by the Officer’s decisions Yourlecturer is not part of your interview with the Officer and cannot overturn the Officer’s decision. This means YOU will have to deal withthe consequences of your actions (not your lecturer)


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