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1SEHS4629 Fluid EngineeringMini ProjectWater Supply Pipe Network Design and Pump SelectionA. Instructions1. This mini project should be completed by groups. Each group is formed by 4~5 students.2. Each group should submit a project report and the spreadsheet calculations in Excelformat. Full details of the design calculations method and analysis should be presented inthe report in a logical manner.3. Individual contribution to the reported should be clarified in the report.4. The project report should be submitted on or before 11 April 2020.5. Commercial simulation software cannot be used in the design.B. Design Data• Each group is required to design the water supply pipe networks. The pipe network coversall major 11 buildings (Block A to K) within the site. Different group is assigned withdifferent building information.2 Group 1Group 2BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E328A, D, E256B, C256B, C328H, I, F188H, I, F186G, J, K286G, J, K288 Group 3Group 4BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E284A, D, E246B, C186B, C354H, I, F366H, I, F268G, J, K288G, J, K326 Group 5Group 6BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E226A, D, E314B, C326B, C426H, I, F288H, I, F228G, J, K324G, J, K266 Group 7Group 8BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E256A, D, E306B, C366B, C366H, I, F426H, I, F246G, J, K228G, J, K286 Group 9Group 10BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E268A, D, E276B, C248B, C358H, I, F406H, I, F326G, J, K186G, J, K286 3 Group 11Group 12BlockTotal floorFlat per floorBlockTotal floorFlat per floorA, D, E268A, D, E296B, C258B, C368H, I, F396H, I, F338G, J, K196G, J, K276 • Fire water demand is not considered in this case and topography of the site is virtuallyflat. The working pressure at the inlet point of the pipe network is assumed to be 65 m.• Darcy Weisbach equation should be used in the design calculation.• Allowable velocity range in pipes: 0.5 to 2.0 m/s• Working pressure in pipes:➢ Maximum of 70 m• Standard pipe sizes (pipe diameters):100mm, 150mm, 200mm 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm,750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm and 1600mmC. Water Supply and Water DemandThe project group is required to estimate:1. Population in each building2. Average daily rate of water demand in the system3. Design flow = maximum daily rate = 1.5  average daily rateNote: Make assumptions where necessary and cite the sources of information.D. Pipe Network Design and Pump SelectionHardy-Cross method should be used to perform the following assessments:1. Determine the sizes of pipes in the system by satisfying the required demands at variouslocations and the allowable working pressures in pipes. Minor losses in the system can beignored in this case.2. Record the pipe diameter, velocity, flow rate and head loss in each pipe and the pressure ateach node.43. Determine whether pumps or other accessories are required for the system or anyassumptions have to be proposed in order to make the design feasible. (Hint: Theminimum requirement for the normal operation of taps in a flat is 0.5 bar).4. If pump is added for a certain building. Select proper pump in the market and provide itsdetail specifications.5. Present details of the calculations and clearly describe the design steps.Note: The system should be adequate to meet the design demands. Ideally, the pipe sizes of thesystem should be such that they cannot be reduced further without violating the pressure andvelocity requirements.E. Report RequirementsEach group is required to submit a project design report covering the pipe network designand calculation process. The design report should cover the contents as listed in the tablebelow: ContentWeightingPurpose of the design project and description of the project10%Design data and criteria10%Design layout of the system, detailed calculations, and assumptions50%Pump/reducing valve selection with specifications (if any)20%Conclusion of the design project5%References5%


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