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FSDAssignment BriefUnited Nations Offshore Refugee SolutionLocation: {currently undisclosed}BOND UFSDDetails Date Due:April 9 (Week 12), before 5 pmMarks:70% (report), 30% (online discussion and tests)Submission:Report must be in PDF format, submitted via iLearn,while online discussions occur during class via theDiscussion forum in iLearnTask:Prepare a project plan for the United Nations HighCommissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Regional Office(Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and thePacific) for a selected sub-project within the proposedUtopia Offshore Refugee Solution (Stage 2), includingbut not limited to:v Scope, time, cost and risk baselines, including keyperformance indicators for ensuring sub-projectsuccessv Detailed planning for each knowledge area, basedon the PMBOK® Guide (Edition 6)Report Criteria:Knowledge of project management methods – 20%Coverage – 20%Accuracy/realism of outcomes – 20%Use of software tools/modelling – 20% Overallpresentation and professionalism – 20% FSDBackground The Problem:The world’s youngest nation, Utopia, requires theestablishment of new industries to ensure it has asustainable and viable future.The Solution:UNHCR, as the governing authority for Utopia, has soldits satellite island to an international resort chain in orderto raise funds for the development of sustainableindustries based on the main island.Stage 1 ProjectRequirements:Construction is underway (2020-2022) to createaccommodation for 5,000 households, plus anadministration building, small airstrip, base hospital,communal/catering areas, school, water, power andsewage infrastructure and a deep water jetty.Stage 2 ProjectRequirements:Utopia’s satellite island, Elysium, is to have an ecotourism luxury resort constructed to cater for up to 2,500guests. Although this island is in Utopian sovereignwaters, it has been sold to the resort operator for $50million on the basis of a viable business agreement withUtopia. This includes use of the airstrip, which the resortowners will upgrade to a domestic standard with arrivaland departure facilities for resort guests, and transferfacilities via jet-cat from the main jetty to the resort (50km round trip). Rent-free retail space in the resort isguaranteed. FSDProject Charter Project:UTOPIA (Stage 2)United Nations Offshore Refugee SolutionLocation(undisclosed):Uninhabited tropical island with a large fresh water lake,fertile farming land and abundant natural fisheryClient:UNHCR (see http://unhcr.org.au/unhcr/)Scope:Creation and set-up of new sustainable industries for thelong-term prosperity of all UtopiansStage 2 of 3:Five self-sustaining industries funded by the sale ofElysium (see map)Project Budget:AUD$50 million (total) with conditionsDevelopmentTime Frame:March 2021 to December 2022 inclusive (22 months)excluding project planningKey Risks:Cyclone zone, active volcanic/earthquake region,limited access to outside world, remote locationPolicy:New sustainable industries are linked to the concurrentdevelopment of the Sanctuary Eco-resort and willunderpin its operationSovereignty:An independent island nation, based on a bartereconomy, where refugees are citizens and provided withland and housing on a 10-year renewable lease FSDFSDStage 2 Scope Main Objective:The Sanctuary resort operators will require adependable supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood,eggs and other local organic produce. They request accessfor their guests to the pristine coral reefs in Utopiansovereign waters, which are rated as world-standard, andwould be prepared to employ Utopians as touristoperators, dive instructors, eco-education providers andfishing adventure specialists.OtherRequirements:Resort guests will have access to emergency medical careif needed. Elysium is also a temporary evacuation site forUtopia in the event of a natural disaster or otheremergency.Project Scope:Five new industries to be launched, as follows:#1Agriculture industry (organic local produce)#2Fisheries industry (daily fresh seafood)#3Tourism industry (eco-education, chartered tours, divinginstruction, fishing adventures and handicrafts)#4Pearl harvesting and jewelry industry (manufacture,retail and worldwide export)#5Hydro-electric supply (via underwater power cable) FSDBenefits and Impacts IntangibleBenefits:These opportunities will provide vital activity andsustainable ‘income’ and give citizens a sense ofpride and achievement.TangibleBenefits:As cash is of no direct use on Utopia, payment would bein the form of specialist skills training and the supply ofcommodities from overseas (including medicines) thatare of practical use to citizens.Timetable:These industries need to be in place and operationalbefore the resort opens for business in January 2023.That implies that all sub-project works are planned in2020 and are executed between 2021 and 2022 whenStage 1 construction is in full swing. Delivery ofmaterials from Australia will be absorbed into existinglogistics for Stage 1.Impact onUtopia:The resident population of Utopia is to be capped at5,000 households (about 18,000 people). Benefits toUtopians will be shared equally so that all citizens areprovided with the same living standard, but everyonebetween the ages of 18 to 55, who are physically able, areexpected to contribute to national GDP, includingeducation, administration, medical, infrastructuremaintenance, food production, export opportunities andother essential services. FSD… the ultimate paradise experienceFSDYour Role Consultancy:Your organization, Deloitte Australia, has beenrequested by UNHCR to help prepare a confidentialproject management plan for the establishment of fivenew sustainable industries for Utopia.Support:As an Assistant Project Manager, you have been assignedto the project team. It is important to your career thatyou can participate in this project without undueassistance from your colleagues. Fortunately, you have apersonal life coach who is experienced in the applicationof PMBOK and who you can contact at will. His name isDr Amir Ghanbaripour and he is an academic at BondUniversity.Reporting:You will be working closely with other team memberswith a range of expertise under the direction of theproject leader, Adam Apple. As you haven’t doneanything as significant as this before, you have agreedwith your coach to additionally provide you withpersonal mentoring and guidance as well as offerfeedback on your work before Adam has to present theteam’s conclusions to management. It is important foryour job security and future promotion that you take fulladvantage of this service.


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