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Web Technologies III – CSD 3313 Students may work in groups not bigger than 3 For this project, you are requested to develop front-end, back-end, and middleware based web application which will to store, update, delete and retrieve information from/in MongoDB database through NodeJS services . You can choose any domain (example: flight booking system, vacation plan website, ecommerce website, etc.) for your project. Project must have 3 tiers: Backend : Develop a MongoDB database with necessary collections and documents under the collections. Middleware: Create HTTP Services (GET, POST, PUT, Delete) to retrieve, insert, update, delete data in/from the MongoDB database you have created. Frontend: Create some web pages, where you are reading data from your MongoDB database through the HTTP GET Services and display the data (not in JSON format but as a web page data). Also create web pages with some web forms to insert, delete, update data into your MongoDB collections through POST, DEL, and PUT HTTP Services. You are requested to do input-validation for your forms (client-side input validation) To submit: 1 – Create a documentation on your project, check “Project Submission Sample Template.docx” in moddle for the requirements of the documentation. and upload into moodle. 2 – Place your codes in one folder, zip it and submit through moodle.


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