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Assessment Task 3: Project 3 About your assessments: Assessment TaskAbout this taskDue Date1: Project 1Part A: You must review information, conduct research and develop an organisational development plan.Part B: You are required to participate in a consultative meeting to discuss the organisational development plan.Part C: You must reflect on feedback provided and develop a communication/education plan.Part D: You must conduct a consultation session with a range of stakeholders.2: Project 2Part A: You are required to research leadership frameworks and develop a consultation paper.Part B: You must develop a PowerPoint presentation on a leadership development framework and deliver the presentation in a meeting.Part C: You are required to write a report reflecting on the resistance to the introduction of the leadership framework.Part D: You are required to conduct a training session.3: Project 3Part A: You must develop a survey to seek input on the leadership framework.Part B: You are required to review information and discuss key findings.Part C: You must evaluate the implementation of the organisation development plan and update the plan based on feedback.Written questionsYou must correctly answer all questions in this task to show that you understand the knowledge required of this unit.  Task summary: What do I need in order to complete this assessment? Access to textbooks and other learning materials.Computer and Microsoft Office.Access to the Internet for research.Organisation development plan (from Assessment Task 1).Background information (provided).Meeting space. When do I do this task? This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable such as in role play tasks).Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment. what do I need to submit? Email with link to completed survey.Updated organisation development plan.Evaluation report. How to submit your assessments Assessment Task Cover Sheet assessment task, you will also receive an Assessment Cover Sheet. Please fill it in for each task, making sure you sign the student declaration.Assessment Cover Sheet. Assessment appeals what do I need to do if I get something wrong? This is a modified document based on materials prepared by Eduworks Resources.’ Instructions Part A – Develop a staff survey Develop a staff survey using Survey Monkey (or similar) to seek input from Boutique Build staff about the leadership development framework. Part B – Analyse and discuss feedback They are crucial as it helps me to manage staff better. Very important. A modern-day manager cannot do without them. Developing these skills means that I can do my job to the best of my ability Emotional intelligenceAbility to motivate othersAbility to delegateInspiring Creative Disorganised processes, not consistent with managerial decisions.Too much work. Not always clear what my role is.Not enough training to do my job.People who do not make the effort to find out about the company and its services and procedures. Procedures that are set up for very good reasons, but not followed. Managers that are not available when you really need them because they are often in meetings. Meetings are important, but so is supporting your team in every way that you can.There is an “us versus them” mentality between trades staff and head office staff.Lack of leadership skills.People need to be trained properly and by a manager, so that they can learn the proper procedures and be encouraged to take notes for future reference. This will also allow the manager to see the employees’ progress (or lack thereof).Need more leadership training.The three-month probation period to determine whether or not the person will fit in with the team and be able to grow with the company. The three-month probation is not being used.Better communication and cooperation throughout the whole company.Better communication.More information, it’s very complicated.Mentoring by an experienced person.Mentoring would really help. Regular meetings. Review the scenario information provided. Make notes on the overall success or otherwise based on findings. Meet with staff (role played by your assessor) to discuss the key findings.Identify and report on activities/interventions that need to be implemented based on the findings.Indicate how the organisation development plan will be updated to reflect this. During the meeting, you must demonstrate effective communication skills, including speaking clearly and concisely, responding to questions and active listening. Your assessor will advise you of the date and time of the meeting. Part C – Evaluate, Update, and secure ongoing support for organisation development plan Background information You need to secure ongoing support from senior management to ensure that they are providing necessary resources to support the plans continued implementation and that they are providing reinforcing messages to staff on its importance. To gain this support, senior management have asked you to provide a report on the development plan. You need to review the organisational development plan that you developed in assessment task two and the background information provided above. Then you are to: Write a report addressed to the senior management team to report on your evaluation of the organisation development plan. As a minimum, your report must include the following:An evaluation of the costs and benefits of the organisation development plan as per the scenario information and your overall evaluation of the benefits of the organisation development activities. The findings of the focus group results and the outcomes of the meeting with staff to discuss this, including feedback provided.Update your organisation plan to take account of feedback provided.Submit your report and updated organisation development plan. Your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completed assessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy. End of Assessment


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