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AACS1084 PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS AND DESIGN II ASSIGNMENT Students are to work in teams of 4 to 5 members.  Weighting towards the coursework: 50%  Assignment  Overview  Learning  Outcomes  Being  Assessed  Your team’s task is to design and build a console-based system using C language. The  requirement is to develop part of a simple TarucSejahtera contact-tracing system (for  example for a pandemic disease like Covid-19) that can be used within a school or college. Basically it has to keep track of visitors (eg. student/ staff / other workers, etc)  who enter and exit any venue (eg. lecture hall, tutorial room, canteen etc). The system  should contain a selection of modules from the following list:   Visitor Information Module – to handle registration and maintenance of visitor  information / profiles. Visitors may include students, faculty/ administrative/office  staff, general workers, outsiders (suppliers, repairmen etc).   Venue Information Module – to maintain information about venues (room/building)  in the college, including tutorial rooms, canteens, laboratories and others.   Administrative Staff Module – to store information about administrative staff, ie.  those who will log in and perform activities (eg. searching, reporting etc) on various  aspects of the system.   Visits and Exits Module – to record details of each visit by a visitor to a venue.   Sanitization Records Module – to record details about sanitizing done on venues.  Based on the given list, each member is required to choose and be in charge of one module. The number of modules in the system should be based on the number of  members in your team. You may need to search for other relevant information in order to  understand the functionalities of your module, and make reasonable assumptions.   Develop application using structures, files, and functions. (P3, PLO3)   Present the solution to a given problem with regards to the application of structures,  files and functions. (A2, PLO4) Submission  DeadlinesAssignment progress – by Week 7, your team must have confirmed each member’s part  and tasks in the assignment, in particular the module handled and type of file used. Your  tutor may also check on your file design etc.  Presentation and Final submission – Week 11/12. By Week 10, all the modules by  team members should be integrated, normally by using a main menu. In Week 11/12  during classes, each team member will present (demonstrate/demo) his/her part of the  system. The assignment report is to be submitted during or after your demonstration  session. Your submission should include:  1. The integrated console project.  2. Softcopy of the complete assignment report.  Note: For late submission, there will be a reduction of absolute marks from the  mark’s score:   Late 1 to 3 days after deadline of submission: minus 10 marks;   Late 4 to 7 days after deadline of submission: minus 20 marks;   Late more than 7 days after deadline of submission: downgrade to 0 marks. PCD2 Assgt 2020_21 ` Page 1 of 5 Assignment  Details1. MODULES.  As stated in “Assignment Overview”, each team member is required to choose and  be in charge of one module.  Your module must involve a file with at least 8 data fields. You are expected to add  in as many relevant data fields as possible in order to enhance the application’s logic  and practicality.  Examples of data fields that you may use are listed below. Add a few of your own.  For counting purposes, date and time will each be taken as one field (even though  they consist of 2 or more subfields).   Visitor Information Module  o IC No, name, category, latest venue visited and details (eg date/time,  temperature).  o Eg: 123456-78-9012, Johnny, student, Lab301, 1/1/2021 9:30, 36.5, …   Venue Information Module  o Venue ID, category, description, max no. of visitors, current visitors, last  sanitization date etc.  o Eg: Lab301, Laboratory, computer lab, 20, 15, 8/12/2020 …   Administrative Staff Module  o Staff ID, name, position, faculty/dept, password, contact number etc.  o Eg: M202, Jacky Chan, manager, FOCS, Abc123, 012-3456789, …   Visits and Exits Module  o Date/time entered, visitor IC No, venue ID, visitor temperature, time exited etc.  o Eg: 1/1/2021 9:30, 123456-78-9012, Lab301, 36.5, 11:00, …   Sanitization Records Module o Date, start time, end time, venue, sanitization company details (name, contact  person, etc)  o Eg: 8/12/2020, 20:30, 21:30, Lab301, ABC cleaning Sdn Bhd, Mr. Rajah, etc.  2. CONCEPTS INCORPORATED.  Each module must incorporate the following 3 programming concepts and topics:   Structures  o Include as many useful fields as you feel is necessary (minimum  total of 8 fields is recommended).  o Incorporate nesting of structures to show your understanding.   Text file or binary file  o In general, each team member is to be in charge of only one file.  You need to decide on the file format to use (either text or binary),  but your whole team must use an equal (or almost equal) number of  text + binary files, ie 2 text files + 2 binary files for a 4-member  team, and 2+3 or 3+2 text/binary files for a 5-member team.  o You are expected to be able to process the files correctly (ie. retrieve  / update records).   User-Defined Functions o Enhance efficiency, readability and re-usability by using functions  where appropriate.  o Include parameters where appropriate and minimize/eliminate the  use of global variables. PCD2 Assgt 2020_21 ` Page 2 of 5  3. REQUIREMENTS.  Each module must include these 4 compulsory file functions listed in a menu:     The Add function should save new record(s) into the text/binary file. Some  basic data validation should be done before adding (saving) the new record(s).   The Search function should retrieve data from the text/binary file and display it  in a suitable format.   The Modify function should allow a user to make changes to the data. Similarly  to adding, some basic data validation should be done before saving modified  record(s).   The Display function should display all the records in an appropriate tabular format.  [Suggestion: At the start of your module run, read all data from the text/binary file  into an array of structures. Perform the necessary processing on the array. At the end  of the module run, write the updated array of structures back to the text/binary file.]  In addition to the 4 compulsory functions above, include at least 2 other functions of your choice that is useful to the user. As examples, you may have a Reports  function and a Delete function.  In terms of teamwork, more consideration will be given if your module is able to use  data from other modules. In this case, the team member in charge of the other  module should write the appropriate function for your module to call.  4. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT.  Each team member will start by writing the complete C program for his/her own  module (ie the main program + necessary functions). The program must be tested as  thoroughly as possible before integrating (combining) with other modules. (This is to  minimize problems of correcting and re-combining modules.) For a 4-member team,  there will now be 4 C Project folders (with 4 main programs). When ready, change  the main() program to a function named after the module, eg. void visitorInfo(), void visitsAndExits() etc. Submit a copy of the  Project folder to the team leader.  SYSTEM INTEGRATION. The team leader will create a new Project and write  the ‘final’ main program containing a menu listing the 4 module choices. Then add  all the other module files to the Project (“Add / Existing Item”. Resolve all  integration errors, eg. rename functions, change exit( ) to return etc. The whole team  should be involved. You are advised to do this one week before presentation time.  5. PRESENTATION.  Each member must demonstrate the module he/she is in charge of to the respective  tutor in week 11/12. Your demonstration shall involve the following:   Demo.  o Before demo – Your file must already contain at least 10 records with  realistic data. For text files, you may key them in manually. For binary files,  do add records to your file using your Add function. All this must be done at  least one day before your demo. Ensure you also do a test run on your own. o During demo – Briefly demonstrate your module. Explain the structure(s),  file(s), and functions used if requested to do so.  Q&A. The tutor will check on your understanding of your part of the system and  to ensure originality of work. You may be required to make simple / reasonable  on-the-spot changes. PCD2 Assgt 2020_21 ` Page 3 of 5 Assignment  Report’s  Content  Report  Format  Plagiarism  Consequence  (Use the template provided)   Cover Page   DECLARATION OF ORIGINALITY   Assignment Evaluation Form   Table of Contents – List of contents and their page numbers.  1. Introduction – Description of the assignment system.  2. Overall System / Module Structure Chart showing the structure of the whole  program with at least 3 levels (should fit into 1 page only).  3. Home / Splash screen(s) (eg. logo/main menu etc) – provide screenshot(s) (black  text, white background) and a brief description.  4. System modules – For this section, each student will contribute a sub-chapter containing their own module documentation. Each subchapter should be in the  following format:  o 4.1 < Module Name > by < Student1 name >  o 4.1.1 Brief Description  Briefly describe the functions available.  o 4.1.2 Outputs & File Contents  Briefly describe your planned transactions, followed by narrated screenshots  (black text, white background) to show and prove the module’s  functionalities. You should include the screenshots from the beginning to the  end of each process. Eg:   Module’s main page   File’s existing data (for text file) or display all records   Perform a transaction, such as adding or editing a record   Display file’s updated data   Perform another transaction and show resulting records, etc etc.  o 4.2 < Module Name > by < Student2 name >  etc.  Your assignment report should adhere to the following guidelines.  Paper size A4   Line spacing 1.5 lines   Font 11 points. For general words use Times New Roman; for code use Courier New Alignment Text – justify   Any student caught cheating, or whose code is suspected not to be genuinely created  by himself/herself, or who submits plagiarised work, must redo and resubmit  his/her own work within 7 days.  If the reproduced work fulfils the assignment requirements, the maximum mark  that the student can be awarded is a pass mark, otherwise the student will fail the  assignment.  Similarly, students who allow their friends to copy their assignment code or work  will have their own marks downgraded to a pass mark.    PCD2 Assgt 2020_21 ` Page 4 of 5 Assessment  CriteriaAlthough this is a team assignment, marks will be given individually based on each  member’s work.  Assessment Criteria Marks  Allocated    Application of programming knowledge   o Structures 12   o File processing (Text / binary files) 12   o 4 basic file functions 12   o Others – file functions, re-usable / shared  12  functions etc   12   Teamwork – system integration, report documentation,  cooperation etc    Program originality, efficiency and readability 10   Report 20   Presentation 10  Total 100   In addition to the late penalty, marks will also be deducted for bad programming  practices, eg. Using the goto statement or function calling itself (or calling back the  caller function etc) instead of using a proper loop, etc


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