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Assessment1Report-Business reportTopicProfessional Task – Developing a Marketing PlanLengthPart A: 750 words Part B: 500 wordsWeighting20%Due Date22March 2021 (In lecture in Trimester 1 Week 6)Final submission time:11:00pmType of CollaborationIndividual assessmentMarking CriteriaPart A: Students will be evaluated on how well they can: Identify key marketing theories Explain the brand Demonstrate a sound understanding of markets, competitors, brand positioning and promise. Part B: Students will be evaluated on their creativity and justification for the advertisements and style for their intended target market. See marking criteria on Moodle for further information.Style and FormatMake the assignment a little colourful and put in pictures. It should not look boring Submission Format of the 6 page report 1. Individual work is expected … this is not a group assignment. 2. Submit a PDF document via Moodle and Turnitin with: A maximum of 6 pages of text (1250, 1.5 line spacing Font 12, margins of 2.5cm all around, Times New Roman) as the main body of the assignment. IMPORTANTLY Appendices are not part of these 6 pages and can be as long as you need them to be. Your ads should be attached 3. You are to include/do: Title page – NOT counted as a page An executive summary – NOT counted as a page Table of contents – NOT counted as a page Reference page- NOT counted as a page with a detailed list of references (must include list of all references to materials used (i.e., websites, databases, government publications, industry reports, journal articles, books). Use the Harvard referencing system. Advertisements (can be within the document or as an appendix). Note: Students do not need to create a video advertisement from scratch rather explain what it would include in the report and show a ‘thumbnail’. Students are creating a storyboard.Assessment SubmissionOnline Via MoodleThis assessment has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool which helps you check whether you have referenced correctly. You can submit your assessment task to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you an originality report. You may then make any changes that may be required and resubmit your final version by the due date.Assessment ReturnWithin 10 days of submissionDetailed InformationStudents will create a marketing communications for Rashays Restaurants in Australia  : Part A (Worth 60% Max 750 words) – The report should address the following: 1. Describe the brand and what it means to you. Why do other people like it? 2. Provide a very brief company description/history. 3. Identify its typical customers. Make sure you provide evidence to support your argument e.g., blogs, forums, articles etc. (b) Identify its competitor set and who is the biggest threat and why? Make sure you provide evidence to support your argument e.g., blogs, forums, articles etc. 4. Do a Marcomms Audit and assess the current image of the product or brand by providing examples of its current advertising (television, print and social media) and identify its positioning in the marketplace against its competitors image. Importantly JUSTIFY how you came to that conclusion. 5. Do a positioning statement for the brand/product using Rossiter et al’s, Rossiter and Percy Grid, T-C-B model, I-D-U models(where appropriate). 6. On the basis of your positioning statement please describe its brand promise to its target market. Part B (Worth 40% 500 words): Advertisement 1. CREATE the following advertisements (this is a storyboard not an actual Ad): one television advertisement one magazine advertisement  2 social media marcoms that suits the brand and justify how it would suit the brand image and appeal to the intended target market. Use Rossiter et al’s creative approach to explain in specific detail why you used specific design elements in your advertisements and explain how it will be actually seen by the intended target audience by briefly explaining their media consumption pattern.


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