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Ensure that you read and adhere to the following instructions: When answering Q1, layout your answer in a readable format and include all relevant working. Your answers to Q2 will require supporting arguments and references that cite your research, since this is a networking unit you should use IEEE referencing style. Note that failure to include citations is a form of plagiarism. Significant sanctions may apply to cases of plagiarism up to and including exclusion from further study towards your degree. Your assignment will be submitted electronically via TurnItIn on the unit’s iLearn page. Ensure that you adhere to the following requirements: The filenames should be in the following format: (assuming your student ID is 44332211)44332211_cp2250a1q1.pdf44332211_cp2250a1q2.pdfQ1 and Q2 must be submitted into separate submission boxes.All submissions must be in PDF format — do not submit a MS-Word file (or anything else other than PDF).Do not include a cover sheet of any kind.Do not include the text of any of the questions in your submission.Do not use double-spacing.Use a sensible, clean font, 10-12 pt in size.Hand-written or scanned submissions will not be accepted.Your report should not exceed 10 pages (excluding the bibliography).As a guide, the submission for Question 1 should not exceed 3 pages, andThe submission for Question 2 should not exceed 5 pages.In other words, you should try not to exceed 8 pages in total, 10 pages is a hard limit. Failure to follow any of the above requirements will result in a loss of 10 marks for each infraction. Also note that citation of a non-reliable source may also incur a penalty (eg. Wikipedia). Finally, please note that late submissions will not be accepted without an approved special consideration request. Assessment For all questions in this assignment not only content but also presentation will affect your mark. You will lose marks if there are problems with the presentation, particularly with clarity. This means that your answers to each question should be a coherent statement and that the spelling and grammar of your submission will be taken into account in assessing its presentation. For full marks, your answers should be well argued, clear, and coherent.The standards of marking described in the unit outline will be applied to this assignment as relevant to the assignment topics. In addition, the following particular standards will be applied in marking this assignment: Spelling and grammar:Assignment submissions with multiple more than 4 spelling or grammatical errors will not achieve a grade higher than distinction; submissions with more than 8 such errors will not achieve a grade higher than credit.Clarity:Ambiguous or poorly worded answers will receive a grade no more than a pass for the individual question.Minor issues of clarity will receive a grade no more than credit for the individual question.Correctness of approach taken and answer obtained:Incorrect answers with the correct logic or approach will receive no more than a pass for the individual question.Correct answers with incorrect logic or approach will receive no more than pass for the individual question.Incorrect answers with no explanation of the approach taken or with the incorrect approach will receive a fail grade for the individual question. The questions will be marked individually, the marks totaled, and a final grade assigned that is no more than indicated by the total marks, and no more than allowed by the standards specified above and in the unit outline. Submission Submit on the iLearn page under ‘Assignments Section’. The submission is with a tool called TurnItIn. This cross checks for online papers and other student papers for any plagiarism (copying). In short –DON’T COPY– or get others to do your assignment, we are pretty good at catching people out and the consequences can be severe. Do not trust anyone who will take money to do assignments. They can take money from several students, return the same assignment, and you get caught. They don’t care about you, but we do! Assignment 1, Question 1 Question 1 (30 marks) — Subnetting You work as a junior network administrator and you have been tasked by the senior network administrator to devise a subnetting scheme for two of the company’s internal networks. Presently, the company owns the network. The two sites you are required to restructure are the, and the networks. Subnetting task #1 [15 marks] Devise a fixed-length subnetting scheme that divides the network into four (4) subnets. You should assume that the all zero’s and all one’s subnets are not usable. Subnetting task #2 [15 marks] Devise a fixed-length subnetting scheme that divides the network such that each subnet can support a minimum of 1023 hosts. You should assume that the all zero’s and all one’s subnets are usable. Required information You answer must include network addresses, broadcast addresses, netmask, and the maximum number of hosts supported per network, both before and after subnetting for each subnetting task. Assignment 1, Question 2 Question 2 (30 marks) — Protocols Investigate the application protocol SIP and answer the following questions: [5 marks] Briefly describe the application architecture of SIP. (Your answer should include an explanation of why you think that this application architecture was chosen by the protocol designers)[5 marks] How is payload data represented by SIP?[5 marks] Briefly describe the format and operation of the addressing scheme used by SIP It is very rare for a single protocol to be able to operate without assistance from other protocols in order provide all the functionality required by an application. These other protocols could be at the same, or different layers of the protocol stack. [5 marks] What other network protocol(s) does SIP rely upon in order to function?[10 marks] What is it that these other protocols provide that is essential for the operation of SIP?


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