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Monthly Monitoring Report Please use this template to produce a monthly log by filling the spaces provided. This should be submitted by the 28th of every month during your placement. The logs should be submitted via the link in Moodle to the Employability and Placements Officer. Please make sure you keep copies of your reports. These will act as a record of your time on placement, such as tasks completed, training attended, etc., and will assist you when writing your interim progress reports and final reflective report. Date of Log:Student Name:Student Email:Work Telephone Number:Academic Mentor:Company Name:Workplace Mentor: Work Experience: Set out your main duties undertaken during the month(s) and reflect on your performance concerning those duties. Include any key achievements or new responsibilities you have taken on.I have been working in a famous enterprise as a sales marketing representative duty where my main job was to develop effective marketing plans and strategies. I used to develop tremendous marketing strategies to improve the overall working o the company. Oi has planned many promotional events for the promotion o the company. I suggested Different approaches on behalf of the company. I have introduced the marketing plan through online services in which social media advertisement I have used . that plan got succeeded. I got a reputable place in my company due to extraordinary efforts. I have been engaged to the clients in very smooth services. And answer all the questions from clients effectively. I have built an environment of trust with the company and its clients. Key Skills Development: Outline the key skills that you have acquired due to the work that you have done, e.g., communication skills, working with others, IT skills, time management skills, etc.I have been actively involved in all company planning effectively, so I have developed the key skills during this work. These skills include much important assistance. I have gained so much knowledge about the [roducts and services and read how to promote these services and products effectively. I have got the best customer service experience in than an internship. My communication skills have been increased effectively. Sales terrorism and occupational specific skills have been increased. The customer service experience got enhanced. Its skills have been improved through the usage of softwares and new technologies. I have sought time management in the company working. Issues of concern: If you have any worries or issues, you would like support or advice, and please include them below. Please leave the box blank if you have nothing to report.Getting worried about having a response from the proposal: I feel that getting any response from the prospect gives a challenge to the work. In this way, many prospects have been designing for the betterment. Standing in front of competitors: as a sales representative, I have been engaged in the company’s many phases. It is so tough to make a challenging plan that can compete with everyone in the field. It got challenging sometimes and made me worried but tackling the things was a better way to create a broader path to success.Other Information: Include any other information that you consider to be relevant to the placement, e.g., and training courses attended, social activities, cultural differences for overseas placementsTraining courses are of great importance for seeking the best development skills as a sale and marketing strategies. In this way, it has enhanced the overall working criteria. Social activities have engaged me in many advertisement processes and promotion activities. In this way, social activities ahs have been increased. During this internship, I got the experience of actively engaged in social activities. The method of working has been increased in a positive environment. I have experienced many cultural differences during my marketing course, where the d is changed according to the product’s need. Sometimes, overseas tours’ placement becomes more challenging; comparing the cultural barrier can never be easy.Workshop / Training Days, Change of Address or Travelling Please include any days which you are scheduled to be away from your desk at the address provided on your contract.I have spent a day traveling and promoting the company where the things were different concerning the country’s inner environment, out dor dealing with great challenges for the marketing experience. There were people of different natures and different cultures. And the dealings towards the are real challenges. Making working reliability is important before introducing the product to the customer. Bets communication are needed to be done for continuing the custom, ers to the company. It is an effective way of working.Please sign below to confirm the above is a true and accurate recordPlacement StudentDateWorkplace MentorDate


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