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9/25/20171•Analytic factors for selection of networking components and theirimpacts.•Investigate supporting infrastructure needs.•Analyse supporting connectivity requirements.•Understand installation of communication devices,•Allocation of addresses, local client configuration, serverconfiguration and server installation.•Implement a networked system related to the design prepared inthe LO1 and LO2 assessment.•Overview of connectivity verification methods.•Installation of internet work communication medium.•Conduct verification with (e.g. Ping, extended Ping, traceroute,telnet, SSH).•Record and evaluate Ping results as successful/unsuccessful.OBJECTIVESOBJECTIVES LAB Should be planned and designed during the previoussessions discussionNetworking 29/25/20172Networking 3References & BibliographyBurgess, M., 2003. Principles of Network and System Administration. 2nd ed. Chichester:John Wiley and Sons Ltd.Hallberg, B., 2005. Networking: A Beginner’s Guide. 4th ed. Osborne: Mcgraw-Hill.Limoncelli, T. & Hogan, C., 2001. The Practice Of System and Network Administration.London: Addison-Wesley.Lowe, D., 2005. Networking All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies. 2nd ed. New York:Hungry Minds Inc..Olifer, N. & Olifer, V., 2005. Computer Networks: Principles, Technologies And ProtocolsFor Network Design. Chichester: John Wiley And Sons Ltd.Stallings, W., 2003. Data And Computer Communications. 7th ed. New York: Prentice Hall.Subramanian, M., (2000). Network Management: An Introduction to Principles and Practice.Chichester: Addison-Wesley.Tanenbaum, A., 2002. Computer Networks. London: Prentice Hall Ptr.JournalsThe Institute of Engineering and TechnologyNetworking 4


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