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Operations Strategy for Industry ES985-10Post Module Assignment All assessors should use the marking criteria below when assessing a PMA in its entirety, whilst also taking into consideration whether or not the above learning outcomes have either been met, partially met, or not met at all against said criteria. The PMA is worth 80 marks, with 20 marks being assigned to the In Module Assessment (IMA). The 80 marks should be awarded 64 for comprehension and 16 for effort & presentation. The standard MSc module assessment feedback sheet should be utilised for all feedback purposes. ComprehensionEffort & PresentationTotalIn-module assessment61420PMA641680Module marks7030100 The marking criteria for comprehension is: > Grade A (80-100%): Authoritative grasp of the concepts, methodology and content introduced through the module; applied all relevant theories implied by the PMA guidance question; all of the main features of the case organisation drawn out and additional original insights which add to the analysis of the case organisation; ideas reflecting depth and confidence of understanding of case issues; clear, concise presentation of ideas making good use of the conventions of a report format. > Grade B (70-79%): Sound level of understanding based on a competent grasp of relevant concepts, methodology and content introduced through the module; applied most of the relevant theories; all of the main features drawn out; coherent, well-structured report. > Grade C (60-69%): Applied the main frameworks; demonstrates a coherent response to the case organisation issues; most of the key pints correctly analysed; the underlying logic of analysis is sound and so is the report. > Grade D (50-59%): Applied some of the main frameworks; some of the main features of the case organisation brought out correctly; some flaws in the structure of the report (e.g. re-open analysis in conclusions; mixing up conclusions and recommendations). > Grade E (40-49%): Some knowledge of main concepts but major omission and/or misunderstanding. Structure & nature of the report is overly descriptive. Arguments poorly supported and little or no analysis and reflection. Considerable limitations in the ability to perceive the linkage between theory and practice. > Grade F (


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