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Assessment Task 4: Organisation development monitoring and evaluation Task summary This assessment task requires you, in the role of Human Resources Manager of Boutique Build Australia, to monitor and evaluate organisation development plan activities. This will require you to seek staff input through a questionnaire about the leadership development framework, report on that feedback to staff at a meeting and report to the CEO via email. Required Computer and Microsoft OfficeAccess to the internet for researchOrganisation development evaluation report template Submit Email to your assessor with your staff survey attachedEmail to CEO outlining staff feedback and evaluation of organization development plan, as well as draft email to be sent to staff supporting ongoing implementation of the organisation development plan. Assessment criteria For your performance to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task, you must satisfactorily address all of the assessment criteria. If part of this task is not satisfactorily completed, you will be asked to complete further assessment to demonstrate competence. Re-submission opportunities   You will be provided feedback on your performance by the Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.   If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed, the assessor will explain why, and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. You have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal. You are encouraged to consult with the assessor prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have any learning issues or needs that may hinder you when attempting any part of the assessment. Assessment Task 4 Instructions Carefully read the following: Assume that it is 12 months later, and the leadership development framework has been implemented. Review the following feedback: The organisation development plan has been well received and accepted by staff.The costs of implementing the plan have been mainly staff time and some marketing costs involved in promoting the company and its brand (approximately $5,000).Performance appraisals show improved leadership skills across all staff based on the implementation of the leadership development framework. Complete the following activities: Develop a staff survey The survey will be used to seek input from staff about the leadership development framework. The survey should begin with a statement of the survey’s purpose. Develop at least five questions for the survey. Send an email to your assessor. The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style. It should summarise the contents of the attachment, and seek their approval to move forward with the project. Attach your survey to the email. Your assessor will reply to your survey, and you will need to analyse the feedback and report on this to staff members at a team meeting. Meet with staff (your assessor) At the meeting, you will discuss the feedback provided and how you intend to action it. Based on the survey responses, indicate any changes that should be made to the organisation development plan. During the meeting, demonstrate effective communication skills including: Speaking clearly and conciselyUsing non-verbal communication to assist with understandingAsking questions to identify required informationResponding to questions as requiredUsing active listening techniques to confirm understanding Send an email to the CEO. Following the meeting, send an email to the CEO about the feedback provided and your recommendations for action and seeking support for such actions, including approval of all associated resources. In addition, provide an evaluation of the costs and benefits of the organization development plan as per the scenario information and your overall evaluation of the benefits of the organization development activities. One of your recommendations will need to be that the CEO sends an email to all staff about the importance of the organisation development plan. Include a draft of an email for approval by the CEO that can be sent to all staff.


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