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In supporting document there is a PDF file under Example Calculation is from one of my student friendwhich I would like my calculations to look more or less the same.Also in the supporting documents there is an Engine Lab Data where you can subtract all the data needed forthis lab assignment.Objective:To carry out an energy balance on a compression ignition engine running at a constantspeed for a number of loads.Procedure:Familiarise yourself with the engine, the recording instruments and their operation.Observe the start up and operation of the engine as carried out by the laboratory staff.Take readings for fuel flow-rate, air flow-rate, cooling water mass flow-rate, load and speed.Take the following temperature readings:Ambient temperatureExhaust manifold temperatureHeat exchanger’s cooling water inlet temperatureHeat exchanger’s cooling water outlet temperatureEngine’s cooling water inlet temperatureEngine’s cooling water outlet temperatureTake exhaust gas analysis readingsRepeat the procedure for the five loads set by the laboratory staff.Results:Produce a graphs, pie chart depicting the energy balance for each loadDiscuss where the extra energy (losses) has gonePlot the following graphs:Thermal efficiency against load (BMEP)Specific fuel consumption against load (BMEP)Air : fuel ratio against load (BMEP)Note I need calculations for the following• Brake Mean Effective Pressure:• Air Mass Flow Rate (including the effect of atmospheric Pressure and Temperature):• Fuel Flow rate:• Air-Fuel Ratio:• Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC):• Rate of Energy Input:• Rate of Energy to cooling water:• Rate of Energy in Exhaust:• Brake Thermal Efficiency:•I need all the units showing in the graphs and pie charts such as Pascal, %, W/kW etc. Everything needs to show.


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