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This assignment requires the following:   Set up your personal profile on Diet and Wellness plus (D&W+) MindTap page if you have not done so already  Record your 3-day food and beverage intake for this assignment (Refer to Handy Guide to Estimate Food Portions within this Module to help with your estimates).  Input 3-day record within D&W+  Save report (3-day Average Report) and upload onto Blackboard  Open word document attached within this assignment. Complete the tables and Questions, and upload on Blackboard for grading.   DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS     Set up your personal profile. Click the D&W+ green apple symbol within the MindTap toolbar, and Create your profile. If you are using a laptop, and you are not able to locate this icon among the other icons to the right side on the MindTap window, click on the arrow on the right bottom corner on MindTap, or click on the “more”. Complete the profile questions, entering your true weight, height, etc (This area is only accessible by you).   Utilize the Handy Guide to Estimate Food portions as you journal your 3- day food record.   Input your three-day food intake onto the D&W+ Food Tracker in the Cengage MindTap. Within D&W+, click “Track Diet”, choose your Day 1 date from the calendar icon.  Input each food item one at a time within the search area. Continue to indicate the amount consumed, and specify if that food Item was for breakfast, Lunch or dinner, and then ADD ITEM. Your entry automatically saves after you add item. Input beverage items as well (including water, beverages and alcohol). As best you can, record the exact amounts within the entry.  Click “Add Item” after each food item.  Once Day 1 entry is complete, select Day 2 date from the calendar. Repeat the input process for Day 2 and Day 3 of your diet record.  Go to reports.  Select the 3-day Average Report to upload. See upload instructions below.   HOW TO UPLOAD D&W REPORT  It is best to use Google Chrome as the browser.   Select reports from the tool bar on the top of the page  Select 3-day Average report  In the upper right hand corner of the report choose Print  Once you are in the print dialog box change your printer to save as a PDF file  Save the PDF file.  Save the PDF file with a name. The following name is suggested:  My DRI Profile – Your First and Last Name.pdf   Proceed to complete attached worksheet   Submit your D&W+ Report  and the worksheet by clicking “Track Your Diet” above .  Attach both documents for grading.  Only .doc and pdf files accepted.  Track Your Diet.docx


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