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Brief for placement student 1st report The aim of your placement is to provide you with additional competency to add to the benefits of a standard MSc to increase your employability. Please see the three interim reports and the final one as a way for you to provide evidence of how you have developed as a professional during your placement. Remember that competency has three elements: Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. Your reports should focus on these elements, The following is a suggested format for your first report. You have a maximum of 250 words for each section. Please complete and submit through the submission link in GEEN1169 Moodle Name:Programme:Email:Phone:Placement:1 Description of tasks you are carrying out in your placement (bullet list)2 What challenges have you encountered? You might like to reflect here on how you feel the knowledge and skills gained from your taught material has prepared you for your placement – is there anything that has been a surprise?3 How have you deal with new challenges? You could identify what has helped you, has this been support from co-workers perhaps or have you had to find solutions for yourself?4 Summarise what you have learnt in your placement so far. How do you feel this will help you in your future career? Are there any aspects you want to develop and if so what are your plans for doing this?Feedback from Mentor (leave blank)


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