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MOD001770 – Assessment 010: 2,500-word policy brief (due through Turnitin by 14:00 on 7th May 2021) A growing requirement among public health practitioners is the ability to communicate research to policy makers in a way that will contribute to changes that will enhance health in the population. The aim of this assessment is to equip you with the necessary skills to enable you to succinctly summarise research into a policy brief that can be used in a specific country in relation to a particular communicable disease or addiction. You will submit a single word document which will include the following: A – Introduction to the country selected for the assessment in order to explain the setting of the policy (1 page- maximum 500 words) B – The Policy brief (4 pages maximum 2,000 words) Please see the marking rubric below. A: 1 page Introduction to the country (10% of module assessment) A one-page introduction to the country: Demographics Disease burden Health system B: Structure and content of a policy brief (90% of module assessment) 4 pages in length – maximum 2,000 words Title : less than 12 words (2%) Engaging and informative – it tells the reader what the brief is about Executive statement/summary (5%) The aim and main message of the brief This section should capture the reader’s attention Outline of the structure of the brief Introduction (20%) Introduce the topic and state why it is important using evidence and infographics to back up your points This section should make the reader want to do something about the problem Structure                 The problem                 Background                 Causes of current situation                 Effects of current situation                 Outline what has been tried before (if relevant) About the research studies (5%) How do the studies aim to address the problem? Highlight unique methods of data collection (whatever will strengthen your argument) Study results (30%) What are the main findings of the studies? Include evidence that links directly to and provides convincing arguments for the recommendations Use sub-headings for each section Policy implications or recommendations (25%) What policy changes or actions do the results point to? Even if you don’t make recommendations, you can state what others recommend ‘The WHO advocates….’ Identify 3 (most practical & relevant) recommendations and elaborate on these References (3%) Reference consistently throughout using ARU Harvard style.


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