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ACCY903 Subject Outline Trimester 1, 2021 Wollongong On Campus Page 12 of 19 Assessment ReturnFor assessments submitted on or before the due date:Part (A) Artefacts will be returned to students in their enrolled tutorial orMoodle in the week immediately following their submission.Part (B) Research Literature & Referencing: will be returned to studentsvia Moodle no later than Thursday 1st April 2021.Part (C) Reflection – will not be returned to students.Detailed InformationThis portfolio submission assembles examples of your work as you progressthrough the subject, reflecting the development of your skills over thetrimester. It addresses student learning outcomes 1 & 2 of this subject. Theartefacts are designed to assist you integrate your assumptions and worldviewinto the practice of accountingPart A requires students to prepare an artefact related to accounting practicethrough the readings for ACCY903. The artefact can be a drawing, a conceptmap, photograph, images etc. An activity and further instruction related toeach artefact will be conducted in the tutorial in the preceding week (seeTutorial schedule).Part A is worth 10% of your overall mark for ACCY903.Part B requires students to choose two (2) sources of information that arerelevant to the topic of your allocated research project e.g. report, journalarticle or media commentary (Note: students are not to use subjectreadings) and;1. Explain how each source of information is relevant to your researchtopic and how it will be used e.g. background information or priorresearch findings (200-300 words per article).2. For each source:o Identify a relevant paragraph or section (2-3 sentences) andprovide it in the form of a direct quote with an appropriatein-text citation in accordance with the Harvard system ofreferencing.o Provide a paraphrase of the direct quote selected above,including an in-text citation in accordance with the Harvardsystem of referencing.3. Provide a bibliography of the two (2) sources in accordance with theHarvard system of referencing.In the tutorial in Week 3, students will be allocated a research topic andquestion with guidance on the data source to use. For example, students maybe asked to analyse the disclosure of certain items in the annual report orCSR/Sustainability report. It is imperative that students use articles related totheir designated research topic for this assessment task.Part B is worth 10% of your overall mark for ACCY903.See Assessment 2 detailed information for information on the topics andscope of the research project.You are encouraged to seek help from UOW librarians who can assist infinding sources to support your research.Part (C) Reflection – this is a personal reflection describing how the artefactsprepared in Part (A) have informed or challenged the way you think aboutaccounting as a practice and as a profession.Part C has no marks allocated, however it is a subject requirement forstudents to complete and submit on time. ACCY903 Subject Outline Trimester 1, 2021 Wollongong On Campus Page 13 of 19 Assessment 2Report-ReportTopicResearch ProjectLengthNo more than 3 000 words excluding the title page, table of contents, abstractand the reference list.Weighting40%Due Date15 Apr 2021 (Thursday in Trimester 1 Week 10)Final submission time:5:00pmType of CollaborationIndividual assessmentMarking CriteriaThe work will be assessed according to the following criteria:1. A clear explanation of the objective(s) of the research with aresearch question.2. Background information on the topic and the company and/orcontext.3. A brief review of relevant literature on the topic.4. A logical structure.5. A description of method (information on the data that was collectedand how you used it in the analysis).6. Analysis and findings (results). Students are encouraged to presentfindings in tabular or graphical form if appropriate.7. An explanation of the findings. Students may choose to incorporateone of the theoretical explanations explored in ACCY903.8. Conclusion – summary of research in relation to the researchobjective.9. Satisfactory standard of written communication (clear expression,structure and readability).10. Referencing – Correct Harvard system used.Style and FormatYou are required to prepare a written research report. You should include inyour research report the following:scholarly journal articles, professional magazines, industry orgovernment reports. Students should identify how this informationcontributes to an understanding of the topic.The report is to be 12 point font, double-spaced with headings and subheadings that are appropriate for a graduate-level research project. Allreferencing should be consistent with the Harvard referencing system.Students are required to submit their research report online via Moodlethrough the Turnitin portal.Assessment SubmissionOnline Via MoodleThis assessment has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool which helpsyou check whether you have referenced correctly. You can submit your  Title page of Report Table of Contents (sections of the report) Abstract/Synopsis (summary of the whole report) Introduction (outline what, how and why) – a clear explanation ofthe research topic and the objective(s) of the research. A background section related to the topic and/or the company.Information may come from a variety of sources including reports, Method (how did you analyse the data) Results (findings from the analysis). Discussion (your explanation and understanding of the results). Conclusion Reference List (all materials cited) Appendices (if necessary) ACCY903 Subject Outline Trimester 1, 2021 Wollongong On Campus Page 14 of 19 assessment task to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you anoriginality report. You may then make any changes that may be required andresubmit your final version by the due date.Assessment ReturnThe marked Research Project will be returned via Moodle no later than 9amMonday 26 April 2021.Detailed InformationThe following list comprises the topics for your research project. Studentsmust choose ONE topic only and advise the subject coordinator in theTutorial in Week 3 of their choice. Students that do not advise the subjectcoordinator by Week 3 will be allocated a project. Please note: students arenot permitted to change their project topic. Guidance for all topics andquestions will be provided throughout the trimester. Students are alsoencouraged to seek advice from the subject coordinator, learning developmentand UOW librarians.Topic A – Modern SlaveryAccess the 2020 Annual Report or CSR/Sustainability report for two (2)companies and analyse and/or compare the disclosures related to modernslavery.Topic B – COVID-19Access the 2020 Annual Report of CSR/Sustainability report for two (2)companies and analyse and/or compare the disclosures related to the impactof COVID-19.Topic C – Aboriginal/Indigenous IssuesAccess the 2020 Annual Report or CSR/Sustainability report for two (2)companies and analyse and/or compare the disclosures related toAboriginal/Indigenous issues.Topic D– Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Access the 2020 Annual Report, CSR/Sustainability report or mediareleases for two (2) companies and analyse and/or compare how they reportagainst the sustainable development goals for the same period.Individual guidance on the preparation of the research report and opportunityto workshop your ideas will be provided throughout the session. Generalguidance will be provided in lectures. You are also encouraged to seek helpfrom UOW Learning Development staff. Assessment 3Exam-Short and long answer questionsTopicFinal ExamLengthTBAWeighting40%Due DateThe final exam will be held during the UOW exam period. It is yourresponsibility to source the time and date of the final examination via SOLS(Student ONLINE Services) when details become available.Type of CollaborationIndividual assessmentMarking CriteriaMarked for logical and coherent argument, knowledge of the topics examined,and the ability to demonstrate understanding through the use of examples.Style and FormatShort and long response written answers.Assessment SubmissionThe final exam for ACCY903 will be held during the formal examinationperiod.Assessment ReturnSee university guidelines for release of grades.Detailed InformationAll materials from the lectures and tutorials are examinable.


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