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1 Description of tasks you are carrying out in your placement Here are the following tasks that I have been given the responsibility to carry out in Best Buy Enterprise The first task that I have been given is to plan out all the activities that ensure the sales and distribution of the vendors and the distribution of products by the company in their stores. The task of providing licensees, look over the inventory on the shelf, display of the products, the objectives attached to the volume of products sold in the stores. Another task that I have been given is to plan out efficient, productive and an economical way of planning the daily objectives. This is one of the major tasks that I have been given where I have to evaluate the trends of sales and opportunities of the selected territory where the products are being sold. To analyse every account in the selected territory and establish inventory along with the distribution of products, shelf volume and the fulfilling the sales volume goals of every supplier that the company represents. To carry out daily evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that has an impact on the growth of the business. Updating and maintaining all the accounts of the consumers in the selected territory. To provide reports and information as requested by the management and meeting the deadlines on every single report and activity carried out in the store.2 What challenges have you encountered? You might like to reflect here on how you feel the knowledge and skills gained from your taught materials has prepared you for your placement- is there anything that has been a surprise? To start off with the discussion, the challenges that I faced when I was hired for this job role is time management. Since I have many tasks to fulfil in the workplace, I often fail to meet the deadlines as I was lagging behind in the area of time management where all the tasks have to be done in a timely manner in order to meet the deadline and accomplish the objective of the tasks. It was in the first few days of my joining when also faced another challenge of meeting the target of volume of goods sold as I was not proactive in the tasks that I had been given and it was initially to meet the targeted volume of goods sold. The knowledge and skills that I have gained from the materials being taught to me is that determination and perseverance can make any person go through difficult circumstances with relative ease as it was with me. The knowledge of customer behaviour, the psychology behind their purchasing habit and the kind of products they are looking for is what I am really good at. I possess the skill of good communication which helps me in engaging with the customers of the store and help them find the products that they are looking for in order to meet the target of volume of goods sold. The skill of multi-tasking and marketing of products is what I have imbibed from the materials being taught to me. There was really no surprise as I already knew what to expect before I joined Best Buy Enterprise.3 How have you dealt with new challenges? You could identify what has helped you, has this been support from co-workers perhaps or have you had to find solutions for yourself? Since there are many tasks that I have been given in the store on a regular basis, to deal with new challenges the only forward is to keep learning and using that experience to meet the new challenges that come my way. Most people lose the capacity of learning after a certain age, but to keep learning is the way of enhancing our own knowledge about various things that could be combined with skills in order to display that knowledge. Most of the time, it has been the co-workers who have helped me to settle in the job when I had newly joined the store. To fix the problem of time management, my co-workers would often help me in my tasks in order to help me meet the deadlines for the report and activities that are time bound. Things like punctuality, sincerety in work and determination to get through the day are what have helped me in my workplace. Since my skill of communication is what gets through most of my tasks as my co-workers are willing to help me, I also have to learn about the products that are displayed in the store and also those that newly arrive to the store. There have been times when I could not explain the features of a product which a customer wanted to purchase so I kept learning about all the products that hit the shelf in the store and their purpose and why people would want to buy that. It has been a mix of co-workers helping me and sometimes I find the solutions myself by learning new things that are required of me to learn.4 Summarise what have you learnt in your placement so far. How do you feel this will help you in your future career? Are there any aspects you want to develop and if so what are your plans for doing this? There are several things that I have learnt in my placement so far such as the skill of good negotiation with the suppliers and the consumers. The problem of time management plagued for a good amount of time since joining the company that I work for as most of the tasks were not completed within the stipulated deadline. As most of the employees in the workplace are far more experienced than I am, they have encouraged and supported me since the time I joined the workplace. In my placement I have learnt that good and healthy work relationships among employees goes a long way in the success of the company as it brings efficiency and productivity in the employees to complete their tasks and feel comfortable in the workplace and in the work that they do. Another things that I have learnt is that punctuality in an employee is an appreciated habit as a person who is punctual will mostly be successful in the management of time as all the tasks will be done in a timely manner. These skills and knowledge will help to become a manager one day for the company that I work for. This skills and knowledge are required in order to reach the managerial role where the number of responsibilities gets doubled and managing time becomes difficult which is why I was determined to imbibe the skill of time management. To be good in time management, I changed my routine and habits in order to be punctual and do the tasks in a timely manner so that all the deadlines are met with.


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