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Software Functional OrientedDesign Lab. 11Table of Contents2§ Introduction§ Example 1: Food order system§ Example 2: Car Maintenance System§ Example 3: Supermarket software systemData flow diagrams (DFDs)l The primitive symbols used are:IntroductionName ofthe functionFunction(Process,Bubble)External entity(like customer,user,..)Data flow(the data fromone function toother , usuallyassociated withname )Data store(Store in datastructure, file,database)Output3We will uses online drawing program• Open the Following Link:• Click on Device:Introduction4Example 1: Food Ordering System: You need to design a software that used toorder food online.l The customer can order the desired food by adding his order to the system,he will receives automated invoice.l The order details will be automatically forwarded to the kitchen for processingand for preparing the order.l The system will check if some ingredient (item) is low or missing in theinventory to generate automated purchase order to suppliers.l The manager must approves the purchase orders before sending them to thesuppliers.l The manager will be responsible also to see reports generated in the systemand all the invoices to suppliers.l The system muss save all the customer s orders, and inventory informationin two separated databases or tables.Write down the DFD0 and DFD1 of this system5Example 1: Food Order SystemData flow diagrams (DFD0)Solution:Example 1: Food Order SystemFood Ordersoftware0reportSuppliersContext DiagramInvoicemanagerOrdersCustomerInventoryordersKitchen6Example 1: Food Order SystemOrder Food0.1inventoryDFD1 SuppliersInvoice7managerOrderCustomerInventoryordersapprovalKitchenData flow diagrams (DFD1)orderdetailsInventoryReportGenerator0.2orderOrdersorderinventorydetailsReportInventoryorder0.3InventoryorderInventorydetailsExample 2 Car Maintenance software: You need to design a software system thatused to provide a maintenance and repair for a car once entered into repairinggarage and generate the invoice and report to customer. The system must do thefollowing processes:l The car will be inspected first, if there are nothing to repair, the system willgenerate an invoice to customer, that include the inspection fee.l If the car need a repair, The system will show an indication to start repairingof make maintenance, and generate an order to spare parts if needed, at thesame time another type of invoice will be delivered to customer, to includethe fee of the maintenance, and inspection.l The system will automatically generate order for the needed parts fromsuppliers if they are not available in the inventory.l The system must save all the works, parts, and inspection in three separateddatabases or tablesWrite down the DFD0 and DFD1 of this system8Example 2: Car Maintenance SystemData flow diagrams (DFD0)Solution:Example 2: Car Maintenance SystemInventory Suppliers Context DiagramCarInvoice Maintenance0CarsCustomerInventory9ordersExample 2: Car Maintenance SystemPerformInspection0.110DFD1InvoiceWork recordData flow diagrams (DFD1)CarCustomerInspectionResultsInspectionPart InventoryPerformMaintenance0.2InspectionResultsInvoiceWorkdetailsOrder part0.3 Part infoParts orderSuppliersPart infoPart infoExample 3 Supermarket Prize Scheme: A super market would like to develop asoftware that would help it to automate a scheme and it plans to introduce toencourage regular customers.l In this scheme, a customer would have first register by supplying his/herresidence address, telephone number, and the driving license number.l Each customer who registers for this scheme is assigned a unique customernumber (CN) by the computer.l A customer can present his CN to the check out staff when he makes anypurchase. In this case, the value of his purchase is credited against his CN.l At the end of each year, the supermarket intends to award surprise gifts to 10customers who make the highest total purchase over the year.l Also, it intends to award a 22 caret gold coin to every customer whosepurchase exceeded Rs. 10,000. The entries against the CN are reset on thelast day of every year after the prize winners’ lists are generated.lThe customer data, and customers orders muss be recorded in the system.Write down the DFD0 and DFD1 of this system11Example 3: SupermarketData flow diagrams (DFDs)Solution:Supermarketsoftware0customerCustomerdetails WinningConditionsContext DiagramWinner ListsList CNmanagerSalesdetailsemployeSaleseExample 3: Supermarket12 Data flow diagrams (DFDs)Solution (Cont..)l The level one is the decomposition of context bubble into:– Register sales (save the sales data),– Register customer (save the customer info),– Generate winner,13Example 3: SupermarketData flow diagrams (DFDs)Solution (Cont..)customer14detailsregistercustomer0.1generatewinner list0.2Winnerlistregister sales-detailssales0.3WinningconditionLevel 1 DFDCustomer sales infodataCNSalesinfoExample 3: SupermarketData flow diagrams (DFDs)Solution (Cont..)l The level 2 is the decomposition of generate winner list bubble into:– Register sales (save the sales data),– Register customer (save the customer info),– Generate winner,15Example 3: SupermarketData flow diagrams (DFDs) Solution (Cont..)Winningcondition Sales infoGeneratesurprisegift winner0.2.1generate goldcoingift list0.2.2sales-infofind totalSales0.2.3Gold coinlisttotal sales winner Level 2 DFDSurprise giftWinner list16reset0.2.4Example 3: SupermarketData flow diagrams (DFDs)Solution (Cont..)l Data dictionary for the DFD modelData dictionary17address: name+house#+street#+city+pinsales-details: {item+amount}* + CNCN: integercustomer-data: {address+CN}*sales-info: {sales-details}*winner-list: surprise-gift-winner-list + gold-coin-winner-listsurprise-gift-winner-list: {address+CN}*gold-coin-winner-list: {address+CN}*gen-winner-condition: commandtotal-sales: {CN+integer}*Example 3: SupermarketTransaction Analysis:Example 3: Draw the structure chart supermarket prize scheme.customerregistrationGen winner list register salesmain Level 0Reg. customerwinner listgenerationsales registrationGenerateCNGetCustomerdetailstotalsalesCNCustomerdetailsLevel 2salesdetailsget salesdetailsFindtotalsalesLevel 1saleslist detailsTotal surpriseSalesSalesinfoGenerateSurpriselist18recordsalesdetailsExample 3: Supermarket


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