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GuidelinesQM353 projectTitle page (1 M)• It must include• Title• Name of groups with ID and emails• Section number for each memberIntroduction (3 M)• Describe study objective• Study questions• Brief discussion about what you intend to doHypothesis (3 M)• Create your study hypothesis usually about two populations(averages or proportions)• Discuss in brief about these hypothesisData collection (5)• Use public site to collect data• Write brief description about data• No questionnaire or personnel question for anyone• Collect public data such as (share price, financial index, profit, interestrate)• Use two populations idea (two types of banks, two areas of countries,two investment methods)• Write source of the data• Mention your dataAnalysis and results (7M)• Do your analysis using any software• Mention used software (at least excel)• Write results in tables• Do graph if possible• Discuss in detail the resultsConclusion (5 M)• Summarize your study• Discuss the implications of the study• Mention limitationsReferences (1M)• Mention the full references quoted in textPresentation (5 M)• Prepare slides (PowerPoint) about your project• Make the presentation concise.• Everyone must present partThank you


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