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Billy S. Cox, Jr.AGJR Electronic Media 307Video Project Script and StoryboardFall 2004Video Concept:In keeping with the Texas Food TV theme, this video focuses on food. This video useshumor to show a variety of buffalo meat products offered as consumable food products.Video Purpose:This video will show locally raised buffalo, buffalo food products and people enjoyingthose food products.Video Approach:This video was largely compiled with file footage that was shot by Texas Food TV at theLucky B Bison ranch in Bryan, Texas during the 2004 Bison Festival. Several close upswith quick cuts were used to show a variety of products. An interview in the middle ofthe video sets up the humor and the final sequence of events.An experimental shot against a green wall will portray an actor walking in a buffalo field.Grazing buffalos will be inserted into the video against the green wall in the edit process.Also, an additional shot of a man’s foot stepping in a large pile of buffalo chips will beshot.Video Composition:The video has 13 shots, including the start up on the Texas Food TV graphic.Total Video Time: 58 secondsThe video run time is broken down by shot on the story board. Each shot is discussed andtimed in detail. In addition, graphics, transitions and voiceover is discussed in detail.Music:The Blues Brothers version of the theme from Rawhide was chosen as the music for thevideo. The music chorus fades in at the beginning of the video while graphics andvoiceover introduce a buffalo named Chip. The theme music changes to instrumentalwhile the voiceover reminds Chip that his friends thought he would wind up as a foodsource. The music fades away during the interview with the grill chef. After the chef isasked a question about a “buffalo burgers and chips” sign, the chorus fades up andcontinues to the end of the video.Voiceover:The narrator tells the story of Chip the buffalo. The narrator paraphrases what Chip’sfriends say could happen to him, then reveals Chip’s plan to make buffalo chips. Thenarration is used to guide the viewer through the program and inject humor into thevideo.Billy S. Cox, Jr. Storyboard for Chip the BuffaloSceneTransitionScript1Fade upfrom blackThe video will open with the Texas Food TVlogo, displayed for 2 seconds. It will fade toblack.Run time sub-total: 2 seconds2DissolveThe black video will last 2 seconds.Run time sub-total: 4 seconds3Fade upfrom blackThe opening scene will be a buffalo herd runningin a field. Vocal theme music from “Rawhide”will fade in when the scene opens and continuein the background of scene. The scene will last16 seconds.About 2 seconds into the scene, a text graphicwill appear over the video. The graphic will lastabout 8 seconds.The graphic reads, “The adventures of Chip theBuffalo.”When the graphic appears, a voiceover will alsooccur.Voiceover: “This is the story of Chip thebuffalo…a buffalo with a plan.”Voiceover at end of scene: “Little Chip’s friendssaid, when you grow up…”Run time sub-total: 20 seconds4Collapse tocenter of pot3-second scene of buffalo chili pot being stirred.Music mixes to slightly higher octaveinstrumental version of “Rawhide” andcontinues…Voiceover…”You’ll be chili…Run time sub-total: 23 seconds5Dissolve3-second scene of child eating a buffalo hot dog.Instrumental music continues…Voiceover…”Or a hotdog…Run time sub-total: 26 seconds Billy S. Cox, Jr. 6Dissolve3-second scene of woman eating a buffaloburger.Instrumental music continues…Voiceover…”Or a burger…Run time sub-total: 29 seconds7Dissolve3-second video of grown up Chip walking with asmaller buffalo.Instrumental music continues…Voiceover…”But Chip and his buddy hadanother idea…Run time sub-total: 32 seconds8Dissolve3-second video of sign advertising “BuffaloBurgers with Chips, $4.”Instrumental music continues…Voiceover…”I’ll make Buffalo chips”Run time sub-total: 35 seconds9Dissolve10-second interview with grill chef about theburger and chips sign. Question off cameraconfounds the chef.Music fades up to chorus from “Rawhide.”Run time sub-total: 45 seconds10Dissolve3-sceond video of man walking in front of greenscreen. Chromakey buffalos in field on the greenscreen background.Rawhide vocal music continues…Run time sub-total: 48 seconds11Dissolve3-second video of close up of man’s bootstepping in buffalo dung.Voiceover: “You’ve had it Chip”Rawhide vocal music continues…Run time sub-total: 51 seconds Billy S. Cox, Jr. 12Dissolve3-second close up still photograph of Chip.Text over video: “The next day, Chip became aburger patty.”Rawhide vocal music continues…Run time sub-total: 54 seconds13Dissolve3-second shot of man eating a buffalo burgerwith natural sound…”Um, um, um.”Scene fades to blackRawhide vocal music continues…Run time total: 57 seconds141-second blackRawhide vocal music fades outRun time total: 58 seconds


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