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Student ID: – (001085193) Monthly Monitoring Rep. Date of Log:24/12/2020Student Name:Mohit PatidarStudent Telephone Number:+44 (0)7737792756Academic Mentor:Dr. Olusegun OlowookereCompany Name:Symphony Associates Ltd.Workplace Mentor:Abhishek Jain Work Experience: Set out your main duties undertaken during the month(s) and reflect on your own performance in relation to those duties. Include any key achievements or new responsibilities you have taken on.My main duties during this month are… . Overseeing inventories by executing purchasing plan and getting contact with providers and the investigation of expected reasons for irregularities. Checking all the stock if any damages. . Serve the customers in polite way and tell them about our new products and their qualities when they are interested in that. . For making attractive items to customer by putting deal and offer on items. . Reporting on the store’s benefit and whether it is satisfying income focus, just as keeping information and bookkeeping exchanges. Key Skills Development: Outline the key skills that you have acquired as a result of the work that you have done e.g. communication skills, working with others, IT skills, time management skills etc.. I have learnt the way of dealing with customer like keeping steady tone, answer in an opportune way, construct layouts for saved answers, Give bearings sequentially, and apologize genuinely. . I have been improving commands on buying product and managing inventories. . I have improve some areas like Canny negotiating prudence and all around created business mindfulness. . Reacted to client complaints and remarks. . Managed deals, as and when required. Issues of concern: If you have any worries or issues for which you would like support or advice please include them below. Please leave the box blank if you have nothing to report.Other Information: Include any other information that you consider to be relevant to the placement e.g. training courses attended, social activities, cultural differences for overseas placementsYes, I have been working in good and different culture. I had enjoyed some social activity. It’s totally different from my home country.Workshop / Training Days, Change of Address or Travelling Please include any days which you are scheduled to be away from your desk at the address provided on your contract.Saturday and SundayPlease sign below to confirm the above is a true and accurate recordPlacement StudentDate: 24/12/2020Workplace MentorAbhishek JainDate: 24/12/2020


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