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IntroductionABC Company is a Sheffield-based company specialising in craft beers and fine realale. The company was formed in 2000 and has swiftly gained popularity due to thecompany’s unique selling point, that is flavoured and quality ingredients. Thecompany produces around 1000 litres of ale and beer by brewing 3-4 times in aweek. The company is also distinguished by the creativity and originality applied totheir packaging. The minimum packaging done by the company is approximately 30boxes of cans per week.The company has the capacity to double its production levels to match the significantincrease in demand of its products over the past 5 years. It has expanded itsbusiness to a number of pubs and venues across the UK including locations inDerby, Sheffield and Manchester, however have found that other craft beercompanies have a distinct first mover advantage, therefore making UK-based growthchallenging. Due to the company’s uniqueness and digital marketing strategy, thecompany was approached by a client from France to sell beers in its annual beerfestival. This event resulted in an above-anticipated level of sales, and significantpositive feedback from the French client and consumers. This has further propelledthe company into the national spotlight, further prompting the proprietors’ interest inexploring the growth potential in other EU country markets.This research explores the potential of EU markets for expansion of the company.Specifically, the research will critically analyse new markets and develop anexpansion plan through export-led growth. This research will address the followingmain objectives:• To determine the primary target markets for expansion of the company• To identify the most suitable and cost-effective export strategy for the clientbetween direct and indirect exports.• To examine the potential distributors in the selected markets• To examine possible transport logistics• To analyse hypothetic expenses and revenues from the identifies markets


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